Built on Innovation, Backed by Tradition

Amtelco Updated Logo

Amtelco is a family-owned software company devoted to providing immediate and accurate communications that are built on innovation and backed by tradition. Amtelco’s mission is to create fast, secure, and reliable human connections through software communication solutions.

Earlier this year, Amtelco announced a brand refresh and unification of all branches and office locations. This update reinforces Amtelco’s position as an innovative leader in the industry, helping customers save time and improve communications to achieve long-term success.

A Strong History

It all started in 1976, with nothing but a telephone switchboard and a dream. Amtelco carries the legacy of founder William J. Curtin, II, by constantly improving, innovating, and inventing superior software solutions. Customers continue to trust Amtelco to provide the technology, the tools, and the five-star support to optimize communication and connection when it matters most.

Top Workplaces Awards

Once again this year, Amtelco received a Top Workplaces 2024 Award, marking five consecutive years Amtelco has earned this honor. This award is unique, as it is based solely on employee feedback offered through a confidential employee survey.

Software That Reduces Labor Costs and Increases Productivity

Communication is key in any industry. That’s why Amtelco partners with customers to optimize workflow communication to simplify calls and provide better customer service for callers. Intuitive scripts guide agents through even the most complex call, step by step. The customized scripts increase efficiency and reduce errors, ensuring agents receive all the necessary information on every call. This also facilitates simplified, fast training for new agents.

Reliable Cloud-Based and On-Site Contact Centers

Amtelco is built on a sophisticated software platform designed to facilitate communications. Depending on each customer’s specific needs, Amtelco offers both cloud-based and on-site configurations. Robust web-based agent and supervisor software and mobile applications for clients enable convenient access for both on-site and remote workforces.

Seamless Omnichannel Platform

To provide a complete communications solution, Amtelco’s Genesis contact center software offers skills-based automatic call distribution (ACD), which improves call routing and management by quickly and accurately distributing incoming calls. In addition to calls, contact centers can professionally handle SMS text messages, e-mail messages, video calls, web requests, and mobile requests, helping customers meet the communication needs of all their clients. Agent-initiated and automated notifications streamline the process of contacting clients quickly.

Real-Time AI Analytics with Automatic Call Scoring

Amtelco’s innovative Active Insights provides detailed dynamic analytical data about agent activities, number and length of calls, peak traffic times, call logs, and call transcription, with convenient cloud-based storage for fast access. Automatic call scoring uses customized scoring scripts for each type of call, saving time for supervisors and providing helpful feedback for agents. Supervisors can review specific calls to hear and see precisely what happened, helping them spot trends and improve performance.

Supervisor dashboards display live and historical data to help monitor contact center activity. The user-friendly dashboard displays various charts of call data, including total calls, calls per agent, calls per station type, calls per call type, calls per client, and service level performance. Tables, bar charts, and pie charts make it easier for supervisors to ensure the contact center operates at peak efficiency. 

A Single Source of Truth

The Amtelco Directories are the contact center’s single source of truth, providing the detailed information agents need to accurately handle every type of call. The directories centralize large amounts of related information, and the convenient search tool simplifies the process of quickly locating vital information. Directories can include contact information, office hours, locations, maps, and photos, helping agents communicate efficiently and effectively.

Easy-to-Use Encrypted Messaging Apps

The intuitive design of Amtelco Secure Messages provides all-in-one secure messaging apps that improve communications and speed response times with end-to-end encryption. Secure Messages ensures fast, reliable communications and is ideal for all types of industries that need to ensure their communications are secure. It has powerful features such as custom quick phrases, role-based messaging, phone number masking, shared device licenses, single sign-on authentication, and high availability.

Versatile Integrations and APIs

Amtelco offers seamless high-level integrations with contact center, on-call scheduling, secure messaging, and notification solutions. Amtelco works closely with key technology partners, providing a comprehensive solution to help contact centers provide the services their clients require while also keeping agents updated with information that is always current.

Eliminate Errors with Accurate Schedules

Maintaining and updating on-call schedules can be overwhelming, but Amtelco’s On-Call Scheduling software simplifies the process and ensures agents always contact the correct personnel. Clients can create and maintain their own schedules, including schedule changes and overrides, which automatically update information for agents. Auto Scheduler quickly creates complex schedules using custom Shift, Role, and Rule settings.

Dependable Five-Star Support 

Amtelco has a reputation for complete, professional system support, offering training, installation, and technical staff on-call 24 hours a day. Amtelco’s customer support staff includes implementation specialists, installers, project managers, and technical support staff. The Amtelco support team provides fast and reliable service when customers need assistance. Customers also have exclusive access to the online TechHelper support with software updates, documentation, manuals, videos, and additional training resources. TechHelper is available 24 hours a day, with unlimited access. 

A Bright Future

Amtelco works closely with customers and continues to develop innovative features and products that empower contact centers and enterprise environments to operate efficiently and offer more services for their clients. Amtelco customers can rest assured that robust solutions are continually being developed, ensuring they can access the newest technology to reduce costs and increase profitability.

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