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Connections Magazine is the premier call center magazine (a.k.a. contact center magazine) for the teleservices call center Industry and is distributed to qualified readers at call centers, contact centers, teleservice agencies, telephone answering services, and telemessaging companies.

Connections Magazine covers all topics related to call centers, including agent hiring, training and retention, sales and marketing, CRM (customer relationship management), case studies, future trends, legal considerations, order-entry, employee issues, and acquisitions. It also includes technical coverage on call center switches, telemessaging systems, remote agents, hosted services, voice mail, call recording (voice logging), the Internet, unified messaging.

As such, Connections Magazine is a source for information and news for call centers, contact centers, teleservice companies, telephone answering services, and telemessaging call centers. Connections Magazine also boasts a 2,000-page website, www.ConnectionsMagazine.com, full of useful industry information.

Connections Magazine is published by Peter Lyle DeHaan has 30 years of call center related experience. As such, his “From the Publisher” column in each issue is a popular and anticipated piece.

Connections Magazine also publishes AnswerStat, Medical Call Center News, and TAS Trader, along with associated websites.

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