Connections Magazine Press Release Guidelines

Connections Magazine welcomes press releases that are of potential interest to our readers. This document is provided so that you can write your press release for maximum impact, with the greatest chance of being accepted for publication.

General Guidelines: For your press release, follow the adage that “less is more.” Submissions should be 350 words or less.

Headline: The headline should read like a news headline: concise, catchy, and factual – not self-congratulatory nor egocentric.

Copy: The copy should read like a news story, written in the third person. Self-promotion or marketing content is not taken seriously by readers. Do not capitalize text nor use bold, italic, or underline formatting.

Editing: Press releases will be edited for both content and length, as needed, to meet these goals and obtain maximum interest. This is at the sole discretion of Connections Magazine. Not all submissions can be used.

Vendor Press Releases: Vendor press releases will be judged on content and reader interest. It is, however, worth noting that Connections’ advertisers advertise because readers respond. It follows that readers would be most interested in news from those same vendors.

Online: If accepted for publication, your press release will be posted online and then listed in the next issue of Connections Magazine.

Submission: All press releases must be submitted via email and attached as a Microsoft Word document. The submission deadline is firm.