Call Center Employee Satisfaction Management

By Kathy Sisk

Your agents handle your customers’ calls. In order to keep your customers happy, you should first make your employees happy. Managing employee satisfaction includes creating a positive work environment. Here are some suggestions on how you can effectively manage your employees and help put them in a productive mind-set.

Talk About Performance: Good or bad, your employees need to be aware of their performance; it lets them know if they are getting closer to their goals. If you don’t give them feedback, your employees may feel frustrated. Provide agents with feedback to show you appreciate what they are doing. Your feedback should be proactive and offer positive reinforcement.

Promote Success: Obstacles are inevitable. Your agents will run into obstacles while doing their job, and this is not necessarily a negative thing. What isn’t helpful is not doing anything to remove these roadblocks. Your inability to promote success in the workplace can decrease employee satisfaction; it can demotivate your agents and make them unproductive.

Don’t Ask Your Employees to Do Something You Won’t: One way to gain your agents’ respect is to set an example. Assign managers to take the frontline job from time to time. Better yet, let them see you handle a customer’s call. This will show your agents your willingness to do a great job and provide them with tips on proper call handling.

Furnish Support: One way to improve employee satisfaction is to supply valued support whenever necessary. This can take many forms, such as updating equipment when it is no longer efficient, giving incentives for a job well done, offering emotional support in times of unfair criticism, and delivering reasonable aid to maintain an employee’s work-life balance. Providing management support builds employees’ loyalty and keep them motivated.

Provide Adequate Training for All: To deliver quality service you must train your employees with excellence. Instill the motto that your employees are your best customers. Provide them with the ideal training program that fits their skill set and job description. Everyone in your company needs adequate training; avoid investing solely in leadership training – your supervisors, middle managers, and agents need instruction, too.

Implement these five ideas to make your call center better.

Kathy Sisk Enterprises Inc. has forty years of experience providing call center set up, reengineering, assessments, training, script development, and project management services to centers globally. 

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