Do Your Call Center Agents Have “The Voice?”

By Gerard Castillo

Unless you have been on hiatus on Mars for the past decade or so, you’ve probably heard of “The Voice.” For those who haven’t, it is one of the hottest reality NBC-owned television series that feature the singing prowess (or some say lack thereof) of new and aspiring talents, in the hopes of finding new recording stars, determined by public voting.

Just like its television counterpart, did you know that the call center world likewise looks for “vocal prowess” when it comes to matters such as customer service? That’s right, using the appropriate tone of voice when handling a call can make or break a deal, and ultimately the company.

I recall the time when my mobile phone provider contacted me to inform me that my request for a new handset had been approved. I have to admit that I was more pleased with the friendly tone and demeanor of Harry, the customer care agent, than the good news itself.

On the flipside, my mother had tried to reserve an airline ticket with one of the leading carriers, only to swear never to ride their planes again. Her reason? The rudeness in the way the reservations rep told her, “there are no more seats in the business class section and we cannot give you an upgrade, even if you have so many accumulated points.”

If her decision may sound drastic, remember that a customer contact center agent doesn’t have the “luxury” of showing body language, unlike his or her counterparts who come face to face with the client. Their voice, along with what they are saying, is all they have to go by. Get it wrong and the transaction can go south in a flash.

So do your best to speak in a cheerful, friendly tone. It can go a long way in bringing customers back—or driving them away. It’s your call.

Gerard Castillo is a content writer of Magellan Solutions, a Philippine-based inbound call center.

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