Case Study: Appointment Scheduling Deployment

The AnswerNet Network, a contact center outsourcer, has made its online appointment scheduling service even easier to use. The new application, which has been rolled out to their 55 contact centers, has a simpler navigation for contact center agents, resulting in shorter calls. The useful drop-down menus help to limit agent error.

The appointment service also features a more accurate and intuitive dealer lookup tool that enables agents to find dealers that are closest to callers’ locations. This information will save customers time and gas, thereby increasing the likelihood that they will say “yes.” The new tool is even more client-friendly. Clients can change and update their own contact and availability information; this feature frees up agents so that they can handle more calls and appointments.

AnswerNet can now format the appointment box to show only the information clients want it to gather; the tool also allows for fields to be optional or required, based on clients’ wishes. The service is flexible enough to meet clients’ specific needs, such as having schedules faxed instead of emailed. The system enables its agents to set appointments for clients up to two years in advance and create standing appointments for their customers. It can also send clients and customers automated confirmation emails, with customized text and date/time of sending.

The enhanced service has been pleasing clients with its ability to handle inquiries from their customers and in relaying key information to their staff.    “With the addition of the AnswerNet Scheduler, I now have a way to save time and money by having AnswerNet make appointments for my clients,” said one professional counselor based in the Southeast. “This program, if requested, will also send automatic email reminders to my clients alerting them of upcoming appointments and since it is Web-based, I am able to check my schedule from anywhere that has Internet access.”

“Appointment setting is a great value-add service that a vast range of businesses and organizations can, and are, benefiting from. Our clients include attorneys, bed and breakfasts, beauty salons, contractors, consultants, field repairs, limousine and taxis, the medical community and door to door sales,” said Gary A. Pudles, President and Chief Executive Officer, The AnswerNet Network. “The improvements we’ve made to our service will make it even more versatile and valuable for customers.”

[From Connection Magazine September 2006]

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