Appointment Scheduling Software Vendors

Appointment-setting software allows call centers to quickly, accurately, and effectively set appointments and schedule events for their clients. Generally, the software and database is accessible through a secure website, allowing clients to access the same records to make changes and print reports.

Often there is a self-serve module for customers to set their own appointments without talking to an agent. Once scheduled, confirmation and reminders can be sent to the callers.

Here are the key vendors that provide appointment-setting software:

Alston Tascom’s AppointmentsOnCall

AppointmentsOnCall is a hosted, Internet-based service that allows online access to appointment schedules. Any telemessaging call center can use this appointment-scheduling software via the Internet, regardless of their existing telephony equipment. Appointments can be taken, cancelled, changed, and confirmed by the client as well as the call center’s agents, without the worry of “double-booking,” since everyone is accessing the same schedule.

The software has many features, including customized appointment forms and customized appointment types with default durations. It also offers complete flexibility in setting available appointment days and hours with holidays and vacations, extensive search capabilities, and reports.

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Amtelco’s Appointment-Taking Products

Amtelco specifically designed its Pro Show appointment-taking and reminder application to meet the needs of today’s call centers.  The Pro Show application can be integrated with a number of other Amtelco applications, as well as with most ODBC-compliant databases, to further extend the application’s value.

A new appointment-taking module has been added to Amtelco’s Web-based CMI (Client Management Intelligence) Diamond CRM solution.  The CMI application can be integrated with Amtelco’s Intelligent Series suite of applications to enable call centers to resell the benefits of the CMI application to its clients.

The Intelligent Series applications also include a powerful multipurpose directory tool with an on-call scheduling component that can be used to take appointments and issue reminders.

Amtelco’s Infinity IVR (Integrated Voice Response) product line includes a fully automated wake-up call feature that can be used to automate appointment reminder calls, while saving on labor costs, reducing agent workloads, and reducing errors in call handling. Amtelco also offers a fully functional appointment-taking application that is based on the eCreator agent-scripting tool.

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Professional Teledata

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Szeto Linx Appointment Scheduling

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