2004 ASTAA Convention

Submitted by Nell Norris

Atlantic States Telephone Answering Association (ASTAA) held the 2004 Convention amid the Allegheny Mountains in Altoona, PA in October. Informative sessions on outsourcing, equipment changeover, family leave law, middle management, establishing a secure system, and marketing/sales forces were conducted by guest speakers Betty Porter, Kevin Bachelder, and Vince McGlone as well as members of ASTAA.

The social highlight was “A Taste of Altoona,” hosted by the Seltzers of Phonepower, Inc. Good food, a visit to scenic Altoona sites, and a final stop at the Railroader’s Memorial Museum were treats for everyone. Horseshoe Curve provided a spectacular view of Altoona that won’t soon be forgotten.

Some of the comments were, “one of the best conferences ASTAA has ever had,” “topics were what we wanted to learn more about,” and “what a wonderful, enlightening event!”

Lisa Shoemaker of People’s Answering Service in Harrisonburg, VA summed up what ASTAA is all about. “I love this association. I get support, friendship, and the knowledge shared is empowering.” She has already implemented two of the many ideas she obtained!

For more information on ASTAA, call 800-718-1712.

[From Connection Magazine December 2004]