ATSI Convention Exhibitor Profiles

The following companies participated in the recent ATSI Convention and Expo.

Alston Tascom, Inc.
With Alston Tascom’s hosted system, there is:

  • No system to purchase
  • No equipment room
  • No expensive UPS/generator
  • No service contracts
  • No maintenance contracts
  • No upgrade costs
  • No technician on payroll
  • Reduced or no office expense
  • No telephone service to order
  • Telephone cost is the actual usage (as low as 1.5 cents per minute)

800-356-9148 &
Amtelco’s Infinity system supplies the advanced technology tools required to be successful, including:

  • Integrated voice processing and voicemail
  • ACD
  • Integrated switching
  • Integrated voice logging
  • Unified reports (common interface for all reports)
  • Single point of contact for 5 Star Service
  • No yearly software fee

CAM-X represents members across North America who work together to share ideas, develop new tech­nologies, and network with their peers in order to continue the growth of their businesses as well as that of the industry.

CenturiSoft specializes in Unified Communications, an integrated email, fax, and voice system that can drastically reduce your communication expenses. By combining non-real-time services (voicemail, and messaging) with real-time (follow-me, call screening, bridging, conferencing, and ACD) in one package, they achieve flexibility in one system instead of multiple systems.

Copia International
Copia produces email, voice, and fax software. Copia software is used in the Amtelco Ultracom product.

Excel Specialisten
XLScheduler is a call center scheduling package.

GlobalFone provides a complete telemessaging system, license-free, with an advanced feature set, SIP trunking, and remote agents.

Hays Affinity Solutions
Hays Affinity Solutions provides insurance and risk manage­ment services.

Infiniti Resource Management
Infiniti Resource Management is a Professional Employer Organization (PEO), providing off-site HR services:
Payroll and workers’ comp
Employee benefits
Employer liability management relief

Inmatrix, Inc.
Inmatrix delivers modeling and stress testing to determine the financial impact of a company’s decisions.

The OnviCenter 6 product suite delivers automated workflow, unified agent desktop, record­ing, quality assurance, agent scheduling, tele-enterprise business applications, and optimized call handling.

Professional Teledata
Professional Teledata provides:
PI-2000: an order-entry platform
Pinnacle: a messaging and dispatching platform based on PI-2000
TBS (Total Billing Solutions): billing software

Startel Corporation
Startel has provided reliable telemessaging services solutions for over twenty-eight years. The CMC and the CPS both utilize Microsoft Windows and SQL to provide an advanced, user-friendly system.

Szeto Technologies, Inc.
Szeto Technologies provides complete communication services that includes TAS, switching, messaging, paging, direct connect, and dispatch. Their Linux-based TAS system is a simple, smart, and cost-effective system that is customized to suit your business needs.

TAS Biller is a popular billing and profitability program. User customizable invoices can be printed, faxed, or emailed. TASBiller is easy to use and imports billing data from all major systems.

Telephone answering software

TeamSNUG offers the Training Excellence series: “Agent Supervisor” and “Customer Service.”

Telescan LLC, a division of Amtelco
For over thirty years Telescan has provided equipment and software to the telemessaging industry. They have developed and patented products designed for two to 200 seats.

513-489-8877 x139
Let Unifund get you started in the collection business.

Vacava, Inc.
Vacava Customer Care is a contact center applica­tion for:

  • Customer services and help desk
  • Inbound inquiry and order entry
  • Outbound marketing and order entry

[From Connection Magazine Jul/Aug 2008]

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