Simon Says: Avoid Jargon

By  Elaine Senecal; Illustration by Chris Lewis

Simon Says - Sept 2003

ACD, DID and CRT – just as bewildering as “10-76 with acutely hypertensive on board experiencing extreme diaphoresis.”

How important is it to understand that our clients and their customers are not equipped with a jargon translator? Jargon is specialized technical, mechanical or other terminology characteristic of a particular subject or industry.

We strive to present ourselves as professionals on behalf of the companies or organizations we represent. Using jargon in conversation with callers is confusing to them and erodes their confidence in us. Let’s not forget, not all of our clients or their customers have had the opportunity to step inside a call center and would have no real understanding of the terminology or technology used.  In the illustration, the representative should have simply repeated to the caller that he had reached “ABC Books” or the call center name.

Every call could be a potential client or a new customer for our client. You never know which of your representatives may be talking to a decision maker who may be evaluating your services.

[From Connection MagazineSeptember 2003]