Axon User’s Group 2003 Spring Meeting

The Axon User’s Group (AUG) held their 2003 spring meeting in Las Vegas, April 4 and 5. Approximately 50 people attended, exceeding early expectations. The attendees were warmly welcomed by AUG vice president, Diane Sounders and heard opening remarks from president, Rose Nigro.

This was the first AUG meeting since the announcement of Telescan‘s acquisition of Axon, as reported in the March issue of Connections, and members were interested in meeting Roger Young, Bobby Riggs, Patty Anderson, and Mary Stuckey from Telescan.

Telescan president, Roger Young. Roger reviewed the similarities between the two companies including their history of providing reliable products and offering personal service. Their two lines products, however, are complementary, addressing adjacent segments of the telemessaging industry; Axon offers cost-effective solutions for 2 to 8 position systems and Telescan specializes in 6 to 12 positions platforms. An invigorating Q and A session followed, allowing questions and concerns to be addressed. The bottom line is that Telescan will continue to serve and support Axon system users.

In addition to Axon and Telescan, other vendors present were (providing bill printing and distribution services, plus general printing and call center services), DB Masters (billing software), and ICG Communications (a CLEC serving more that 20 major markets in the United States).

April Otto, from, discussed her company’s services, which include bill printing and mailing, profitability and billing software, and outsourcing outbound calls to Asian Call Centers. Craig Pierce, with ICG Communications, shared ideas on disaster recovery and options to reroute calls. Ron Kritzman, from DB Masters, concluded the day with an informative discussion on using an Axon remote position, how to better manage the Axon system’s database, and his billing software. Telescan sponsored the evening’s activities, featuring dinner at Billy Bob’s in Sam’s Town.

The Saturday session opened with Peter Lyle DeHaan presenting a two-year “plan for success,” detailing steps for attendees on how to grow their business, improve quality, and increase sales. Patty Anderson, from Telescan, followed with an informative session on the HIPAA regulations which are now in effect. The business meeting was after lunch, which was followed by round table discussions on topics of interest. Rose Nigro thanked attendees for their participation and support of AUG and adjourned the conference.

[From Connection MagazineMay 2003]

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