Are You Building Trust with Your Website?

By Sean Wright

You likely believe that your business offers something different or something unique—why else would you be in business? But how well does your website reflect this?

The most common reason a visitor to your website doesn’t contact you is trust: they don’t trust that what you’re offering will meet their demands. So how do you improve your website’s ability to build trust?


Being transparent about what you can and cannot do goes a long way to endear yourself to a prospective customer. Play to your strengths, and don’t shy away from your weak spots.

We’ve all had customers we took on knowing full well that our services didn’t quite match their requirements. It usually ends up being more work than we expected, resulting in a net loss for everyone involved.

Being honest about your service and having pride in your attributes will attract the right kind of customer. Oh, and ditch “we provide excellent customer service” and replace it with something that has impact and charm.

Focus on What You’re Best At

There are merits to SEO optimization and online advertising, but attracting a website visitor doesn’t equal a new client. Capturing their attention and providing the right answers as quickly as possible will secure their interest. Your sales team can do the rest.

It’s important to avoid attempting to be everything to everyone. Many contact centers fall victim to the “we offer everything under the sun” slogan. Kudos to you if your business can offer the full works, but in most cases, it simply isn’t true.

Look closely at your best, most reliable clients. What is it about you that has kept them loyal for so long? If it is the personal touch you offer with every interaction, then why is this not highlighted on your website?

Show Some Personality

The final thing to look for when scrutinizing your website is personality. Gone are the days of stiff corporate personas and menu-heavy websites. People want to work with people, not machines.

Ensure that your site has some character. Add a backstory or timeline to show how your business arrived at this point. Profile your staff and show their faces. Videos and pictures are great ways to lighten the tone.

Get rid of the technical jargon. It’s likely your potential clients don’t know your industry’s lingo and will be put off by anything they don’t understand. Put your offer in clear and concise terms.


You can read thousands of articles citing the best way to capture leads through your website, but the simple answer is to build trust and show your business’ true colors.

Sean Wright is the sales and marketing manager at nSolve Ltd, experienced developers of TAS software.

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