Contact Center Software Boosts Agent Productivity

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No matter what you’re selling or where you’re located, the same issues tend to arise when it comes to providing excellent customer service. Perhaps your agents spend twice the amount of time they should interacting with customers. Or maybe your virtual call center’s employees are on different time zones and struggle to efficiently communicate with each other. Or it could just be that new hires can’t find the information they need to properly assist your clients.

No matter what your challenges are, implementing call and contact center software could drastically improve your business.

It’s not always easy keeping your call center organized. Many companies feel their employees aren’t being productive. In fact, an estimated 75 percent of managers in the customer service industry are dissatisfied with their agents’ performance. However, they could just be lacking the right tools. In this article, we’ll look at what contact center management entails and how contact center software can boost productivity.

What is Contact Center Management?

A contact center is a hub for inbound and outbound calls designated to assist existing customers and reach out to potential clients. Having a contact center and managing one aren’t necessarily the same. Contact center management entails professionally training each agent, making sure they have access to necessary tools, information, and real time analysis to ensure that customers’ problems are being solved.

Without proper management of your onsite or virtual contact centers, you may encounter several problems that send your employees running and leave your clients unhappy. Fortunately, there are affordable solutions that can prevent you from hitting these roadblocks.

Is Contact Center Software Necessary?

If your business caters to more than five people, then your company would benefit from software for call and contact centers. Without it, you could be complicating your employees’ jobs and increasing their turn-over rate.

Consider the following pain points. Are you faced with challenges like these? Do your agents:

  • stay on calls longer than needed?
  • have multiple tabs or applications open while handling a single customer?
  • require time-consuming training for each product?
  • often miscommunicate with each other?
  • say they don’t have access to the information they need?
  • face frustration with long training times?
  • complain about their day-to-day tasks being too complicated?
  • tend to quit soon after being hired?

Your contact center agents are often the first and last point of human contact for your clients. If they feel overwhelmed or underappreciated, this will reflect poorly on your business itself. It’s crucial that they are not only in line with your company’s goals, but also have the tools to be efficient workers. By simplifying their jobs, you make your organization work more smoothly and pave the way toward success.

Boost Contact Center Agent Productivity

The average contact center agent turnover rate is upwards of 50 percent. In addition, it costs a minimum of $5,000 to train just one employee, ramp-up time is six to nine months, and only 20 to 50 percent of training content gets implemented on the job.

By taking away unnecessary busy work and simplifying their jobs, agents are likely to produce better quality work and be happier with their jobs. This translates into higher sales, more personalized customer service experiences, and longer-term employees.

When it comes to empowering and optimizing agents’ productivity, streamlined call and contact center software is the solution. The right software eliminates the need for infinite open tabs, providing your agents with all the necessary information on one screen. Also, be sure to choose solutions that work for both onsite and remote agents.

The right technology helps simplify agents’ workflow while increasing their productivity and job satisfaction. They can easily provide more clients with a compassionate, individualized customer service experience.

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