Huntsville CSR Saves Life

The Huntsville office of Signius answers and processes calls for the Housing Authority of Huntsville. They are essentially the maintenance department for all the area’s housing projects. Signius manager, Sherry Farmer, recently received a call from the Housing Authority’s director stating that she would be sending a letter of commendation for one of Signius’ CSRs, Carla Sutton.

Carla answered a call from an elderly woman who was confused. She didn’t know where she lived or even her correct phone number. She was cold and needed her heat turned on; her pilot light needed to be lit. Carla kept talking to the lady on the phone and worked with her to find out where she was. As it turned out, the woman had already turned on her gas, but since the pilot light was not lit, her apartment was being filled with poisonous natural gas. According to the director the woman would have died had Carla not had the insight, fortitude, and compassion to stay with her on the phone until help could be summoned.

This is one more poignant reason why the members of this industry are more then “just the service.” We’re not just the service, we save lives!

[From Connection MagazineJan/Feb 2002]

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