An Interview with Lori Jenkins Convention Chair Urges “Focusing on the Future”

ATSI convention chair, Lori Jenkins, took some time to talk about the convention and to encourage us to attend! Here is what she had to say:

Connections Magazine: What will be new about the ATSI convention this year?  

Lori Jenkins: ATSI has recommitted itself to better serve members, such as an expanded education offering. It is called “Learning by Association.” Although it will be premiered at the convention, it’s an ongoing, multi-year program, to be delivered in a variety of formats.

Connections: What else can attendees anticipate?  

Lori: We tend to become wrapped up in running our business and forget the big picture. Then, we run out of ideas to help make money or grow. The convention will provide a means to allow us to rethink the running of our business and begin “Focusing on the Future.”

Connections: I know that you will continue to add vendors for the exhibit hall, how is that going so far?  

Lori: Most major vendors are already committed, including Amtelco, Startel, CadCom, Telescan, Professional Teledata, TAS Marketing, and first time vendor, Blue Pumpkin.

Connections: How does that compare with last year?  

Lori: We are about 20% ahead of last year’s pace and expect to sell out the entire convention floor. There are 42 booths and 30 have already been taken!

Connections: What level of interest and excitement are you sensing from members about this convention?

Lori: ATSI President, Darlene Campbell, has traveled extensively for the association. At each stop, she has experienced a renewed excitement for ATSI. We expect this to have a snowball effect and generate a rejuvenated enthusiasm at the convention.

Connections: Why should readers attend the ATSI convention this year?  

Lori: If they don’t, they will miss a great opportunity for learning and networking with their peers and industry leaders, not to mention the educational sessions.

Connections: What closing comments do you have?  

Lori: Sign-up right away and get the early bird discounts! Seriously, networking is always a big plus.  We also have a tremendous opportunity with the benchmarking program. It will be a great convention and I look forward to seeing everyone there.

[From Connection MagazineApril 2002]

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