The Many Benefits of Using ISDN

By B. J. Fischer

B. J. Fischer, owner of Answer All in Macon, GA, switched from DID to ISDN two and a half years ago, and he attributes that decision to the, as he states, “excellent technological feature articles and advertisements of advanced equipment manufacturers in Connections Magazine.” After researching equipment, potential applications and monthly cost of telephone services, B. J. chose a system that could expand his business into an interstate call center. Answer All markets Franchises to start-up call centers. The Franchise includes a major cost-savings bonus: the new call center can “forward” their ISDN lines and customers to Answer All for the third shift and for a designated length of time. B. J. refers to this capability as “The Morgan Advantage”. He says, “This gives great peace of mind knowing that if one location has a disaster, their calls can be routed to another Answer All location.” The Answer All Franchise in Utah, having experienced a problem with the network PC, agrees that this option is like an insurance policy–there when you need it. Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) is one of the new “buzz” words in the industry, and there is some uncertainty about HOW a business can benefit by using it. B. J. was one of the first Morgan Comtec users to install a DSL. This data line, installed with a modem and router is networked with all of the office PCs and the network PC of the A-NET II system. The router provides the firewall to protect the computers. Emailing, rather than faxing, is the Answer All preferred method for dispatched message delivery. “ISDN and the Morgan A-NET II system have lowered our payroll and reduced the telephone bill by 50%.” says B. J., “It also provides caller ID features, unlimited patching and eliminates third shift at some locations.”

B. J. Fischer is owner of Answer All in Macon, GA. He can be contacted at 478-743-1488.

[From Connection Magazine – July 2001]

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