Message Taking Systems and Software

With the rapid changes in computer technology and advances in software, it is quite possible that your call center doesn’t have the latest and greatest technology at its disposal. This is perhaps most pronounced when in comes to message taking systems and software which have seen many significant and noteworthy developments since we last focused on this topic in March of 2005.

Your call center may be in that fortunate group where a software upgrade is all that is required to bring your system capabilities and client offerings up to date. For others, a complete system replacement will be in order. Determining the appropriate timing for a major upgrade of this magnitude is challenging to ascertain as there are no universal guidelines or absolute rules. Among such considerations are the age and reliability of your current system, whether or not it has been paid off and fully depreciated, how much you have set aside for this purpose (you are building up a technology fund, right?), and timing the purchase – or lease — for optimal tax ramifications.

Today’s powerful timesaving functions and features of the leading systems can shave several seconds off each call. Multiplying that by thousands of calls per agent per month results in significant time savings and labor cost reductions. This alone may be enough to cost-justify an upgrade or replacement.

Another benefit to consider is increased accuracy, reduced errors, decreased stress, and greater job satisfaction for your agents. Additionally, you should consider the added features and services that you can provide to your clients and their callers. These serve to improve client retention, facilitate client acquisition, and increase revenue from offering enhanced services

Today’s leading systems are computerized and paperless. Call centers relying on manual call processing or paper-based message taking are past time to upgrade and risk becoming a non-player in the marketplace.

Whatever your circumstances or the reason for considering upgrading or replacement, this vendor listing and overview is the place to start.

See our current listing of vendors that provide Message Taking Systems and Software.

[From Connection Magazine Jul/Aug 2006]

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