Message Taking Systems

By Peter Lyle DeHaan, PhD

Peter Lyle DeHaan

Whether you are an outsourcing call center processing calls for your clients, or an in-house operation taking messages for co-workers, having the right equipment and software to do the job well makes all the difference. Today’s timesaving functions and keystroke reducing features of advanced message taking systems can shave several seconds off each call. When you consider the thousands of calls every agent takes each month, saving a few seconds on every call really adds up.

However, greater efficiency is only part of the picture. Finding the right message processing solution will also increase agent accuracy, reduce errors, provide more options to clients and their callers (be they internal or external), reduce agent stress, and increase worker satisfaction. With all of this at stake, finding the right solution and staying within budget is a critical decision.

Even if your center has a computerized message processing system, it may lack the latest features and services. A good rule of thumb is that if you haven’t had a software update in the past year, you are likely missing some key opportunities. There could be a variety of reasons for missing an update, including budgetary and support issues. However, if it is because the vendor has simply stopped issuing updates for your equipment – then a new system is definitely in order.

Aside from software, there is the issue of hardware. Fortunately, the core technology used in call processing systems has a much longer viable life span that a typical office PC. Still, old hardware can be a limiting factor and presents another reason to consider newer alternatives. Of course, for those call centers using manual systems, it is past time to update.

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[From Connection Magazine March 2005]

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