OnviSource Vendor Profile

Evolution Timeline of OnviSource

Over the last ten years of conducting business, and after integrating three acquired companies, OnviSource has demonstrated a series of progressive product strategies and an evolving market position. Its journey started with the offering of workforce optimization (WFO) solutions, including call recording, quality assurance, screen capture, and teleservice/answering service CRM. 

With the introduction of speech and desktop analytics products, OnviSource later extended its market solutions to include customer experience management (CXM). In 2017, OnviSource further expanded its business strategy and product solutions to offer intelligent automation (IA) solutions to all major functions of any enterprise, including WFO, CXM, business process management (BPM), and enterprise content management (ECM).

Thus, the company’s digital transformation vision now extends to “intelligent automation everywhere.”

OnviSource’s IA solutions, called ia.Enterprise™, are powered by three essential innovations in artificial intelligence (AI), analytics, and robotic process automation (RPA). Using the company’s own AI engine and RPA, ia.Enterprise enables custom workflow solutions via a no-code platform with advanced, automated, and multichannel analytics. 

In order to broaden the use of ia.Enterprise solutions by plug-and-play users, customers who desire to create their own custom workflow solutions, or systems integrators, OnviSource delivers ia.Enterprise as packaged solutions (plug-and-play), custom workflow solutions (via a no-code service platform), or open API solutions (using a service platform for integration with third-party products).

Finally, all ia.Enterprise solutions are available as on-premise software, SaaS or cloud services, managed services, or any combination of these.

Essentials of Intelligent Automation (IA)

There are three major advanced technologies essential to delivering IA solutions. OnviSource empowers ia.Enterprise with all three technologies developed and owned by OnviSource. 

1. Artificial Intelligence: OnviSource’s AI technology, called iMachine™, offers machine learning and deep learning. OnviSource has used recurrent (or recursive) neural network algorithms, optimized by short-long-term memory, to form a computational, nonlinear model based on the neural structure of the brain that is able to learn to perform tasks such as classification, intent analysis, discoveries, prediction, and decision making just by considering examples and training data. As a result, iMachine powers ia.Enterprise solutions such as advanced analytics, intelligent virtual agent, and RPA.

2. Automated Multichannel Analytics: OnviSource’s advanced and multichannel analytics, called Intellecta™, utilizes iMachine to significantly increase its analytics power. It offers multichannel analysis by providing analytics for speech (audio), email, chat, desktop, and structured or unstructured documents. It also includes a decision-making engine to launch user-defined actions based on the results of its analysis, automating a variety of processes.

3. Robotic Process Automation: OnviSource’s process automation, called Automata™, delivers automation in desktop transactions, workflow automation, business process management, and real-time call routing. Intellecta and iMachine intelligently performs Automata’s process automation. 

OnviSource ia.Enterprise Solutions

Ia.Enterprise offers a broad range of solutions in WFO, CXM, BPM, and ECM. All ia.Enterprise solutions are offered as on-premise or cloud services.

OnviCom™ Teleservice Customer Engagement Management: OnviCom delivers an all-inclusive, next-generation, software-based, affordable teleservice solution. It provides a fully featured IP-PBX and business telephony system, interfacing with networks via PRI, T-1, VoIP, or SIP-trunking.

Its CRM offers teleservice applications such as answering service, dispatch, help desk, and multimedia messaging (email, fax, and SMS), as well as HIPAA-compliant secure messaging. It also offers call recording, screen capture, and agent quality assurance (QA). OnviCom fully integrates with OnviSource’s Intellecta analytics and Inspecta survey, notification, and response management. 

OnviForce™ WFO: OnviSource’s WFO suite of solutions offer multimedia capture, recording, and monitoring of calls and desktop screens. Users can record and monitor 100 percent of their calls, create custom reports, and automatically distribute recordings and information. They can also manage media files and recorded calls, remain PCI-compliant, and integrate with telecom products and telephony platforms. A final feature is QA evaluations. 

Intellecta Automated Multichannel Analytics: Intellecta can analyze multiple channels of speech (audio), email, chat, desktop, and structured or unstructured documents. It provides:

  • Multichannel, analytics-driven, and automated QA for 100 percent of calls, audio, chat, emails, and surveys
  • Compliance management
  • First-call resolution improvement
  • Big data management through transcription and topical categorization
  • Multichannel analytics and business intelligence delivering subject discovery, topical categorization, trend analysis, sentiment analytics and voice of customer, name entity recognition, and discovery of most-mentioned topics.
  • Automatic decision making and the launch of user-defined actions

Intellecta can interface with call recording systems from OnviSource or other vendors.

Inspecta™ Feedback, Survey, Notification, and Response Management: Inspecta provides enterprise feedback, customer surveys, notifications, and response management, including:

  • Enterprise feedback management for customers and employees
  • Automated notifications and response management
  • Deliver surveys and notifications through inbound, outbound, or blended channels, and as audio through IVR or web-based via SMS
  • Integrates with third-party products such as PBX, CRM, ERP
  • Notification and response management features include multi-brand and customized notification templates, scheduled and automated notifications, emergency override of notifications, analysis of responses, and the launch of user-defined actions

Liaa™ Intelligent Virtual Agent: Liaa uses iMachine and is an AI-driven, automated chatbot. It allows a significant reduction in payroll expenses, faster response and resolution times, and a reduction in employee stress and burnout. It is a self-learning system with unlimited and rapid access to knowledge, predictive and proactive support, and interaction via text or voice. Liaa increases the productivity of customer service teams.

When combined with Inspecta and Intellecta, Liaa provides a major differentiator due to its intrinsic AI model. An important aspect of an AI engine is its ability to learn through examples. Like the human brain, the more relevant examples provided to an AI engine and its learning machine, the better. This delivers a more intelligent performance.

Automata™ Process Automation: Automata provides automation in three major areas: real-time call routing, transaction and workflow automation, and RPA.

1. Automata Real-Time Call Routing: Automata adaptive, intelligent, real-time routing optimizes service routing by first capturing critical data from all entities engaged in the service routing. This includes network routing elements, ACDs, IVRs, PBXs, and service center capacity, skill sets, or capabilities. It analyzes these key performance indicators in real time using analytics and decision-making engines. This provides actionable knowledge on how and where to route the customer service request. Finally, it automatically routes the customer service request to the most optimized supplier of the service.

2. Automata Transaction and Workflow Automation: Automata DTA provides intelligent process automation for a variety of desktop transactions, including:

  • First-call resolution improvement
  • Regulatory compliance (PCI-DSS and sensitive data management)
  • Agent/employee work compliance
  • Transaction and workflow QA automation
  • Real-time critical event detection and notification
  • Automated coaching and next-best action
  • Sales and customer service improvement

3. Automata RPA: Automata RPA enables users to create their own custom solution workflows by offering a no-code platform called Orchestra™. Orchestra features a drag-and-drop interface that allows users to create their own custom workflows of applications. Using a broad range of services contained in ia.Enterprise service libraries, they can capture media and data from a variety of sources, unify, organize, and manage the big data, make data compliant to the business rules, analyze the data, make decisions, and launch actions.

Advantage Plus Program

OnviSource understands the complexity and challenge customers face when applying analytics and automation to their operation and generating a true return on investment (ROI) while meeting all aspects of their needs. To this point, OnviSource offers Advantage Plus, a customer-centric program consisting of free consultation, free proof-of-concept, flexible delivery model of solutions as on-premise software or cloud services, and free thirty-days operation assistance.

OnviSource Equipment Owners Association 

OnviSource is a proud sponsor of the OnviSource Equipment Owners (OEO) association user group. OEO members use OnviSource products and seek to strengthen their investment in OnviSource’s solutions in a true member-vendor partnership. This relationship continues to increase the company’s ability to serve its customers with their technology needs. OEO also sponsors training webinars and an annual association event.