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OnviSource enables companies to cost-effectively optimize, automate, and unify customer interactions, business transactions, and processes for their contact centers, back offices, and IT organizations through software products, cloud services, or outsourcing solutions. Founded in 2004, the company has a customer base with over 1,100 installations in a wide range of industries. OnviSource continues to experience consistent growth and profitability as it serves the enterprise and contact center industry.

At its inception, the company pursued an acquisition strategy to integrate call center products and outsourcing solutions from select and emerging companies. In 2005, OnviSource successfully acquired three emerging product and outsourcing companies with over twenty years of combined experience in the contact center market – Davacord, CadCom Telesystems, and Business Solutions – to effectively and rapidly implement the company’s vision. All three companies brought an established customer base and products, directly contributing to building OnviSource’s workforce optimization, workforce automation, customer assistance, and business process outsourcing services organization.

The company’s solutions are used by a broad range of industries, including government agencies, contact centers, financial, banking, answering service and teleservice, insurance, energy and utilities, telecom, auto industries, transportation, and construction.

Strategy and Vision: The acquisition of the three companies, combined with significant organic product and service development and integration, has enabled OnviSource to realize a much faster rollout of its vision: offer highly affordable workforce optimization and automation solutions, delivered as software products, cloud services, or outsourcing solutions, which are supported by high-quality customer life cycle assistance programs. The original vision has now expanded to enterprise-wide solutions that optimize, automate, and unify front- and back-office operations.

To that point, OnviSource has an expanded suite of unified and enterprise-wide solutions anchored by its latest release of the OnviCenter 7 product suite, a comprehensive infrastructure that includes:

  • Analytics-driven and socially enabled quality and liability management
  • Multi-channel analytics, including speech analytics, desktop, and process analytics, and social media analytics
  • Voice of customer (VoC) and customer sentiment
  • Workflow and process automation
  • Workforce management
  • Telephone answering services, teleservices, emergency and medical services, help desk services, and customer service solutions
  • HIPAA- and HITECH-compliant secure messaging and content delivery
  • Unification of all customer transaction journey and operational data across multiple organizations, platforms, and sites

OnviSource believes the ultimate goal for any enterprise is satisfying, retaining, and acquiring new customers. By offering a holistic view across multiple departments, platforms, and sites, a company has the means and opportunity to identify workforce and process issues and compliance adherence, all with a complete understanding of the customer transaction journey.

The company also offers a collaborative management capability, empowering managers and supervisors to effectively monitor, engage, guide, and exchange documents with their local or remote contact center agents or back-office employees.

OnviSource’s operation continuity and compliance solutions significantly reduce operation management expenses and IT workload, while maintaining operational continuity through a series of automated operation management tools.

Multi-Channel Delivery of Solutions: In order to satisfy customers’ business and financial needs, OnviCenter solutions are delivered as software products, cloud services, or outsourcing solutions. OnviSource’s data centers offer OnviCenter 7 capabilities and secure messaging as cloud-based services with minimal initial investment and cost-effective monthly fees.

OnviSource owns and operates contact centers in its Texas and Oklahoma facilities and offers award-winning Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) services in sales, marketing, and customer service. Their outsourcing services have been ranked number one or two in multiple categories by major national telecom service providers. The company’s contact centers also provide expertise and a test bed for successful development and deployment of its OnviCenter 7 solutions, as well as creating business and financial diversity, further strengthening the company’s financials.

Continuous Commitment to Customers: OnviSource’s products are used by hundreds of customers in teleservices and telephone answering service (TAS) contact centers, where customers utilize OnviSource’s entire suite of solutions and services. In order to assist customers in growing their revenues and services to their end customers, a range of cost-effective and robust service applications are offered, such as answering service, dispatch and emergency service, HIPAA/HITECH-compliant secure messaging, IP-PBX, and call management.

Their specific strategy for the TAS vertical market is centered on OnviCall, a highly affordable, Web-based, universal platform. This is evolving into an all-software, all-inclusive set of solutions supporting all functions of a TAS contact center. This includes a variety of network interfaces, PBX capabilities, applications, secure messaging, data base management, reports, client portals, billing, call recording, screen capture, quality assurance, agent scheduling, and operation continuity. As with all OnviSource solutions, OnviCall is delivered as software products, cloud services, or outsourcing solutions, which are supported through the OnviCare customer life cycle assistance service. Their partnership with their OnviSource Equipment Owners (OEO) user group continues to strengthen their ability to better serve the specific needs of their customers.

Advantage Program: A Customer Life Cycle Assistance Service: A key vendor differentiator is their OnviCare customer life cycle assistance service, including the Advantage Program. OnviSource has a strong focus on customer satisfaction and customer loyalty through dedicated customer-centric programs managed by a customer relation management (CRM) team, consisting of empowered company executives. OnviSource’s best-of-class customer support has enabled it to maintain high customer satisfaction, resulting in an over a 95 percent customer retention rate.

In addition, the Advantage Program is a special service program assisting new and existing customers faced with complex business issues. The Advantage Program guides and assists clients with a complete knowledge exchange that helps customers learn and understand the benefits of cost-effectively optimizing, automating, and unifying the customer interactions, transactions, and processes performed in their contact centers, back offices, and IT organizations, resulting in manageable and easy-to-administer solutions.

OnviSource helps customers navigate the challenges of understanding and selecting the right solutions, implementations, and deployments by providing ROI recognition of all products and solutions. This includes speech analytics and data mining through provisioning of application analysis, ROI analysis, free trials, project planning, customization, pilot programs, and business continuity-assurance measures. The Advantage Program offers true partnership services, with the objective of making their products successfully and cost-effectively work for their clients.

Strategic Partnerships: OnviSource continues to develop strategic partnerships that enable it to offer relevant products for today’s evolving enterprise and call center environments. One new solution is an analytics-driven Social Media Management solution. It is offered as a comprehensive managed service and designed to make customers’ socially enabled enterprises work for them in customer services, sales, marketing, and branding.

OnviSource also maintains a robust reseller program for those companies that desire to be more successful and profitable by adding and reselling OnviSource solutions in their product portfolio.

What Customers Say

OnviGuard Secure Messaging: “One of our favorite features of the OnviCall system has been OnviGuard Secure messaging. By developing features that deliver more channels of communication and convenience to our customers, OnviSource has enabled our company to deploy products that are in demand and has supported us with spot-on service from beginning through resolution,” said Charles A. Streppone, owner of Metro Message Center.

Partners from the Start: “We started our business fifteen years ago with OnviSource and have grown it year after year through our hand-in-hand partnership. They have kept up with the changing times and continue to improve services for their clients. We like their personal approach and their responsiveness to our needs, trends, and changes in the marketplace,” stated Ira Perlstein and Glenn Lieberman, owners of Big Messages.

Long-Term Sustainability: “Advances OnviSource has made to our TAS technology over the years have helped us realize consistent growth for our business. With secure messaging apps, social media integration, and other new products on the forefront, we anticipate rapid adoption with long-term sustainability,” added Carol Heck, owner of Shore Answer.

Competitive Advantage: “Staying ahead of the competition is very important to us. We have been able to do just that, but it requires that we continually monitor, measure, and improve our service. OnviSource understands exactly what it takes to optimize and automate our processes to ensure we work smarter and more cost-effectively with fewer resources,” concluded Stephanie Butero, owner of Gold Cross Answering Service.

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[From Connection Magazine Jul/Aug 2014]

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