PIN 2003 Annual Meeting

By E. Senecal

The Professional Inbound Network (PIN) annual meeting was held in New Orleans at the Chateau LaMoyne. Professional Teledata hosted a reception on Wednesday and presented their new product — PInnacle. The product brings scripting capabilities to the telemessaging environment. “The demonstration of PInnacle was simply phenomenal,” stated Kevin Lehmann. “I’m itching to get my hands on that system.”

PIN thanks “The PI Guys,” Allen Kalik, Pat Kalik, Alan Hartman, Jim Graham, Dale Schafer, Cindy White, and Ernie Waldron for their educational presentations.

Presenters included George Kushiner, Ken Goldenberg, Jeff Wood, John Freire, Keven Lehmann, Tonie Stevens, Ray Shaw, Randy Harmat, Rebecca Littleton-Salvati, and Jim Marchbank. The information they shared was insightful and contained outstanding information.

The guest speaking was Robert Roscoe of Roscoe Consulting, LLC. Bob talked with the attendees about achieving maximum growth levels.

Elections for board members and officers were held Thursday afternoon. Officers for 2003-2004 include Randy Harmat – President, Ray Shaw — VP, Peter Gross — Treasurer, and Dorren West – Secretary. Other board members include Bill Bosch — conference chairman, Keven Lehmann – Director, and Elaine Senecal — Director. The board thanked Ken Goldenberg, Rebecca Littleton-Salvati, and Susan Fisher for their many contributions as their terms ended.

The group was lead through the streets of New Orleans Thursday night, on a ghost tour; though no ghosts were sighted, they heard some amazing historical stories. Friday night’s dinner at the Nola restaurant was outstanding; everyone enjoyed the chef’s five-course private event tasting menu.

“If you missed the PIN conference this year, you missed one of the best conferences in years,” concluded Lehmann.

[From Connection MagazineMay 2003]

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