Simon Says: Know the Inside Story

By Elaine Senecal / Illustration by Chris Lewis

Simon Says - December 2003

With our efforts to train agents on each new client account that comes in our doors, we sometimes overlook how important it could be for agents to know the inside story. Remember that education and knowledge can provide motivation. Providing all the materials needed to assist the agents’ with how to interact and instruct callers is key, but what about the elements of client accounts that they don’t see?

Create a Client/Account Profile information page to include such items as:

  • Client and location(s)
  • Principals
  • Trouble shooting contact (this could be you or supervisor)
  • Phone number(s) the client’s customers are calling
  • Whose number is it?
  • Where did the customer get the number to call (print ad, TV, radio, or so forth)?
  • Is there an auto greeting with instructions for the caller?
  • What are those instructions?
  • Are there agents in other locations that could be taking these same calls? (who and why)
  • What are the potential results of the call?
  • What happens to this call information the representatives have collected?
  • To whom, where, and when is this information delivered?

Could knowing these elements increase your agents’ attention to detail?

[From Connection MagazineDecember 2003]