Call Center Speech Recognition Vendor Listing

Alston Tascom, Inc. has partnered with a provider of accessible speech technologies to develop a suite of speech recognition software. “Talk-To-Me” is speaker-independent, accommodating natural language algorithms and allowing callers to speak more naturally.

Talk-To-Me is an affordable speech recognition option that can be installed and ready to use in a matter of days. It has a drag-and-drop interface and an online tutorial, allowing administrators to tailor speech applications that fit their call center or client’s requirements.  Talk-To-Me features include:

  • Natural language: combines “noncritical phrases” with secondary items for further clarification, allowing customers to speak more naturally
  • Multilevel: allows for easy entry of a series of questions that is dependent on the prior question
  • Custom Actions: call functions in a third party Dynamic Link Library (DLL)
  • Record: allows callers to record a message
  • Outbound call: initiates outbound calls

For more information, visit or contact Wayne Scaggs at 866-282-7266 or

Amtelco‘s “Just Say It” provides text-to-speech and automatic speech recognition capabilities.  It enables call centers to automate call processing, reduce labor costs, increase accuracy, and offer more services without increasing staff. The Just Say It speech recognition module uses Nuance’s voice recognition technology, which allows IVR scripts to listen for words or phrases spoken by a caller in multiple languages.

Just Say It simplifies voice call processing by allowing callers to speak an option instead of entering DTMF tones. In addition to listening for commands, Just Say It can gather information from the caller and store it in an OLE compliant database. This can range from simple yes/no commands to speaking a person’s name, ID, or credit card number. Just Say It provides the tools to build dictionaries of words or phrases needed for each application to make script design and call processing more efficient.

For more information, visit or contact Jim Becker at 800-838-4194 or

[From Connection Magazine May 2007]