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For forty years Amtelco has been a trusted name in systems and software for answering services, call centers, contact centers, healthcare organizations, educational institutions, executive suites, and third-party developers. Amtelco focuses on providing call center solutions that meet or exceed customer expectations backed by top-notch service and support.

Amtelco’s Intelligent Series (IS) provides the foundation for on-site and cloud-based call centers with scripted call-flow navigation and messaging; dynamic directory services with advanced automated dispatching; on-call, event, appointment, and workforce scheduling; systems integration with open APIs; and full-featured, event-driven monitoring and reporting.

The Intelligent Series builds on the advanced skills-based routing, voice processing, and call recording available with Amtelco’s award-winning Infinity platform, one of the most reliable call center systems on the market. The Infinity platform serves as the blueprint for Amtelco’s next-generation Genesis soft switch, which provides software-based call switching, voice processing, and call recording and eliminates the need for specialized hardware.

Founder Bill Curtin II and Amtelco have received more than thirty U.S. patents for telephony software, data-handling methodologies, and telephone-switching devices. Millions of telephone calls are processed every day by Amtelco systems and software in operation in all fifty of the United States and more than twenty foreign countries.

What’s New? Soft switching is an industry development that has been gaining momentum over the past few years. Amtelco has been an industry leader in switching with the work of its XDS division. Amtelco and its customers have been fortunate that the Infinity switching platform has been so reliable and has continued to advance with updates such as integral call recording with Unity logger, integral SIP trunking, and operator audio with the Amtelco XDS VoIP board.

Soft switching shifts the control and processing functions of the telephony away from telephony boards, such as the Amtelco XDS VoIP Board, to the computer CPU with software controlling the CPU. Soft switching still requires a computer to run the switching functions, but it offers advantages such as the ability to be virtualized since there are no specialized telephony boards installed in the computer.

Amtelco added soft switching to the Infinity IS with a module called Genesis. Genesis was first released in 2013 as part of the IS 4.1 release that is now running at nearly two hundred call centers. Genesis is tightly coupled with the advanced Intelligent Series applications and is administered within the IS supervisor application. This provides the ability to add Genesis soft switching to an existing Infinity IS installation to provide advanced call behaviors such as Smart-Paging, SmartCheckin, and MergeComm automated dispatching.

Anyone interested in soft switching and call center virtualization is encouraged to contact Amtelco for a demonstration. This is an exciting opportunity to enhance the services call centers provide and move into the future with advanced soft switching capabilities.

Emergency ACD for Backup: It’s important for every business to have a protection plan in place in the event of emergencies. The Genesis emergency ACD is an operational mode that takes effect if a Genesis client application, such as the Intelligent Series, is disconnected from Genesis. The emergency ACD ensures that calls are not dropped if the client application is lost.

In the event of business interruption due to telephone outages, lost power, or natural disasters, Amtelco now provides call centers with four tiers of hosted business continuity security and service to keep them up and running so they can provide continuous service to their clients. The platinum, gold, silver, and bronze levels each include faxing, email, and paging.

Spectrum Prism II: Prism II provides a powerful and flexible soft-switching solution for the Spectrum system, which has a record of service to the telephone answering service industry. Spectrum Prism II® is a modular replacement for the Spectrum Prism platform. The new Prism II is an entirely software-based switch built around Amtelco’s Genesis soft switching.

Prism II provides the option for a fully integrated voice logger as well as support for integrated voicemail. Enhancements to the scheduling Prism II provide a much more flexible approach to managing the scheduling of prescreening announcements. Prism II has no need for telephony boards, which gives it the ability to increase its call handling capacity without adding hardware. The absence of telephony boards also means lower maintenance costs and improved backup and recovery options.

Spectrum Prism II has benefits for call centers including:

  • Increase in call-handling capacity without adding hardware
  • Improved backup and recovery options
  • Superior audio quality and faster call setup
  • Routing flexibility to any outgoing signaling format or device
  • Powerful call-routing features by station, client group, and skill level
  • Real-time monitoring and activity logs

What Is miSecureMessages? Every business needs to maintain privacy for their clients’ and consumers’ personal data. For healthcare organizations, securing patient information is required by HIPAA and HITECH regulations. By encrypting information, miSecureMessages (MSM) helps ensure that data remains confidential.

Amtelco works with call center partners to help them market MSM to their clients. Amtelco provides a package of marketing materials for MSM-certified partners. MSM-certified partners also are featured on the MSM website, The miSecureMessages-certified partner program includes more than 150 partners.

New Website Designed to Provide Solutions: Amtelco’s call center division has a new website designed to make it easy to find specific solutions for every call center of every size and market focus. Visit

[From Connection MagazineMay/June 2016]

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