Eight Ways to Great Days

By Joe Marino

If you need a little help on the way to success, try these eight steps. Although there is no such thing as instant success, research in peak performance has uncovered working techniques common to any high-achiever. Success is predictable. I’m committed to the belief that you can have more than what you have, because you can be more than what you are. You can be a better you.

The time-honored principles here may seem over simplified because they’ve been put together in a rhyming and memorable form. But don’t misjudge their power. If you choose to use them, you’ll reap a harvest of achievement far outweighing your efforts.

1) In a hole? Set a goal: All you’ve heard about setting goals is true. Goals equal success. Success equals goals. If you are not satisfied with where you are, don’t run off in just any direction hoping things will work out for you. Decide what you want. (The Principle of “clear and simple intention” will work for you) Be specific and write it down. It’s easier to get where you are going when you have a map.

2) Who you see is who you’ll be: Losers live life from the outside in, while winners live life from the inside out. Everything ever achieved was first seen in someone’s mind. Get a clear vision of what you will be like when you have achieved your goal. See the colors and the surroundings in your mind’s eye. It has to become vivid on the inside before it becomes reality on the outside.

3) At the start, play the part: An old adage says, “Play the part and you shall become.” Once you see yourself as having already achieved what you want, it should be easy to act as though you already have it. This is not being phony or lying. We’re not talking about acting as if you are someone you aren’t, rather it is performing at maximum levels. Be what you can be – and you will be.

4) Take choice over the inner voice: Something in all of us wants to do what’s convenient rather than what’s necessary, to be negative rather than positive. The voice inside you will tell you why you can’t achieve your goal and why you don’t deserve it. You must choose to believe what you really want. Have the courage to embrace the greatness for which you were born.

5) Don’t debate, find what’s great: Don’t bother arguing or trying to defend yourself when things don’t go right. Look for the silver lining in every cloud. Every adversity contains the seed of at least an equal blessing. This can be tough to remember in the middle of the storm. But if you waste energy trying to stop the rain, you’ll completely miss the rainbow, and maybe not even be around to enjoy the flowers.

6) After falling down, go one more round: Resilience – the ability to bounce back – is a good quality to cultivate. Successful people don’t talk about failure, but use the words, “setback” or “challenge.” If you are not falling down from time to time, you’d better take another look at your goals. You might be living too far within your comfort zone. You might need to reach higher. One definition for success is, “Fall seven times, get up eight!”

7) For super style, live in the now: You are working toward your future. But true success is the progressive realization of a worthwhile goal or dream. Don’t overlook the joys of today. And remember, guilt is the gift that keeps on giving. The past is past. Never allow your future to become a prisoner to the tyranny of the past. Wherever you are, be there!

8) Going all out will give you clout: Enthusiasm is a powerful force. Be sure you are moving toward something you really want, love and can be excited about. Whatever you do, do it with all your might. Let your goal put a fire in your belly and a lion in your heart. Live your life with passion.

Joe Marino is a corporate educator and Personal Success Coach to high-achievers who want to achieve more without being consumed in the process. Joe can be reached at 904- 247-4065.

[From Connection Magazine – September 2001]

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