Vendor Profile: Szeto Technologies

Szeto Technologies is a manufacturer specializing in developing equipment for telephone switching and voice and data communication. For over thirty years it has provided technical solutions for the answering service industry to automate and enhance service offerings. 

Open Source: Its latest products include the SSS-100 Call Linx, a Linux-based system with an internal built-in Asterisk telephone switch. Linux, being an open-source operating system, is reliable, secure, and constantly maintained by thousands of technical users worldwide. Its license-free availability makes this operating system very cost-effective.

Asterisk, being a Linux-based telephone switching software, harmoniously forms a natural bond with Call Linx with its internal built-in voice logger and VoIP SIP trunk capabilities. Szeto has integrated Asterisk software seamlessly with its Call Linx TAS system.

Innovative Solutions: Call Linx comprises local and remote work stations, which are connected to active, redundant servers via a computer network. Functions and features are always designed with an architecture that emphasizes redundancy, reliability, capability, and flexibility, the main criteria for a service-provider system.

As telephony, computer, and internet technologies evolve, Szeto relentlessly experiments and develops new features and functions for its products, as well as tools to help its customers stay ahead of their competitors. These capabilities help Szeto users streamline operations and diversify revenue streams. Sometimes they are custom-fit to a user’s specific requirements; other times they are separate modules that create new service offerings.

Szeto products offer turnkey solutions. Users of its equipment include a vast variety of industries: telephone answering services, call centers, radio-paging services, airlines, and the U. S. military.

Powerful Design: The Szeto Call Linx TAS system is designed with reliability, flexibility, and user-friendliness, where all human interface is conducted via graphical tables in window-style displays. All functions are easy to navigate. No command keys need to be remembered. Auto-fill technique keeps typing at a minimum.

Call Linx has many expanded features to reduce the stress in telephone answering, not only making the task pleasant and enjoyable, but most importantly minimizing errors and ensuring service reliability. Its fully integrated and versatile Linx scripting, OnCall reminder, and built-in appointment features, coupled with automatic “chain deliveries” and many automatic functions, form a powerful system.

Evolving Technology: The technology behind telephone answering services has changed in the past thirty years. While answering calls, taking messages, and delivering information continues to be the basic service offered, the nature of how this service is handled has changed considerably. Computer technology has given rise to service automation. The widely accessible internet has fueled market expansion.

The major characteristic of Szeto Technologies can be summed up in one word: customization.

Streamlined Operation: Call Linx provides many automatic functions to relieve operators from manual executions of routine functions. This is especially valuable during high rush-hour traffic. These functions are designed to improve work quality and reduce operator workload. Some examples are:

  • Automatic verification of call-forwarding lines and confirmation of forwarding calls
  • Automatic identification of subscriber calls to operators
  • Automatic telephone line audit to assure the phone lines are working properly
  • Automatic follow-up calls and reminders
  • Automatic inhibition of call recording during credit card entry

Call Linx also provides many automatic functions to facilitate call processing and message delivery efficiencies. It helps to decrease operator training time, minimize typing errors, and increase delivery accuracy. Some examples are:

  • Auto-fill for “repeat entry” in scripted processing
  • Auto-fill entries based on caller profile
  • Auto conditional call branching based on caller answer
  • Automatic selection of message recipient dynamically from on call lists
  • Automatic web launch
  • Order entry and nearest dealer locator

Secured Messaging: Information security and privacy has become a major concern to clients using answering services, especially for the medical professions with the need to ensure HIPAA compliance. Szeto Technologies offers bidirectional secured message mobile apps under a generic label (with a Szeto designed icon) or a private label (with a unique icon dedicated specifically to the call center).

Software for both options resides in the customer’s equipment and is solely owned by the call center. Key features include:

  • Bidirectional service operators-to-users and users-to-users among groups
  • Speedy operation coupled with cell battery conservation
  • User and operator reminders for unread messages after timeout
  • Message transactions logged for traceability
  • Mobile APP locked for added security
  • User-defined quantity and duration of message retention in the device
  • Personalized ringtone for certain models of cell phones
  • Multiple recipients and contact groups for message broadcast
  • Option for delayed message delivery
  • Note attachments with transmitted messages

To ensure the flexibility of services in the offering of secured-message service, Szeto Technologies also provides software interfaces to third-party providers (TigerText, OnPage, eVigil, DocHalo, and SecureBridge) via specially designed APIs (application program interface).

Summary: The digital communications and internet world is continuously developing new technologies and protocols. The engineering team at Szeto Technologies is committed to keeping their clients ahead in this ever-changing industry. Szeto firmly believes that every piece of equipment its customers use should be oriented to their unique business needs. All Szeto products are customizable and flexible. They are designed to be simple to use, smart in functions, and cost-effective.

For additional information please contact them at or 877-MY-SZETO (877-697-9386).

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