Szeto Technologies: Proud to Be Part of the Industry Evolution

The technology behind call centers has evolved in leaps and bounds in the past twenty to thirty years. While answering calls, taking messages, and delivering messages continues to be the basic services offered by the teleservices industry, the nature of how these services are handled has changed considerably. Computer technology has given rise to service automation. The widely accessible Internet has fueled market expansion.

Szeto Technologies Inc. has continued to ride the waves of this technology evolution. They have been an industry technology vendor for close to thirty years. Their product includes the SSS-100 TAS system that automates answering service offerings. As telephony, computer, and Internet technologies evolve, Szeto continues to experiment and develop new system features and functions. These options help Szeto users streamline their operations and diversify their revenue streams. Sometimes customization is required to fit a user’s specific requirements. Other times these innovations are separate modules that create new service offerings. One of these new services is the Employee Safety Monitoring Module.

Employee Safety Monitoring: Employee safety is a concern for most employers. All employers are expected to take reasonable precaution to ensure the safety and well-being of their employees. Such precautions may come in the form of making sure the entrance to the office is not slippery to avoid injuries. Another area is in the form of providing ergonomic chairs to ease back strain.

In some industries, however, the safety of an employee cannot be ensured only by precaution. This is especially so when the employee works alone, works in a remote area, works with dangerous equipment, or works in a hostile environment. Their safety and well-being can often be a matter of life and death. To decrease such risks, it is necessary to have a means to monitor their well-being. And communication technologies have been available to do this.

What Does the Szeto Employee Safety Monitoring Module Offer? Interactive employee safety monitoring is not a new concept. Some operations have been doing this for years by documenting check-in and check-out calls. With the Szeto Employee Safety Monitoring module, this proactive part is automated, rendering the process more efficient and cost-effective. Furthermore, automation is totally integrated with human intervention. In the event that an employee is found in danger or requiring emergency assistance, the Szeto system will trigger a rescue procedure or an escalation to alert the appropriate personnel.

Alerts can be communicated via multiple devices, such as pagers, text, emails, phones, smartphones (iPhone, Blackberry, and Android), and other satellite devices. Records of all activities are Web-accessible. Employers could even determine hours of work at a specific location by referring to the check-in and check-out time at that location. This module could function as Szeto stand-alone equipment or as part of the SSS-100 TAS system. Optionally, it can also be tailored to integrate with another brand of data equipment.

Which Industries Can Benefit?

  • Hydro and telephone unsupervised workers in remote locations or in dangerous environments
  • Twenty-four/seven store workers working alone, especially at night
  • Oil and gas field workers in dangerous environments
  • Healthcare workers such as homecare nurses or social workers
  • Maintenance workers working with dangerous or hazardous materials
  • Security guards

Monitoring Using Mobile App: Nowadays, most workers carry smartphones. The Szeto Employee Safety Monitoring Module has been expanded to include mobile app communications. The monitoring mobile app is secured with passcode protection and equipped with one-touch escalation for instant emergency or help requests. It can automatically identify the GPS location of the employee by latitude and longitude or graphically. It can also automatically determine that the employee is in a “man down” situation and start the escalation process.

The Employee Safety Monitoring Module is just one of the specialized applications that Szeto Technologies offers. Another example is their Secured Messaging mobile app that allows users to send and receive secured text messages between call center agents and medical professionals. The app can be registered under a private label with your call center’s own company logo. The engineering team at Szeto is always on the leading edge of technology; they are currently working on new apps to accommodate the industry. Whether your business requires a call center system or a customized solution, the team at Szeto Technologies can deliver a reliable system to meet your needs.

You can contact Szeto Technologies at, or call at 877-697-9368 for additional information.

[From Connection Magazine – November/December 2015]


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