Telemessaging and Teleservices Groups and Associations

Here is a summary of each of the industry associations and user groups. Use the contact information to find out more.

Atlantic States Telephone Answering Association, Inc.

ASTAA is an association of telemessaging services primarily from Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, Delaware, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and District of Columbia. Membership is open in other states as well. The purpose of the organization is to promote the welfare of the telemessaging industry. ASTAA provides the opportunity for its members to meet and share ideas that directly benefit their business and to stay aware of the trends in the telemessaging industry. This allows members to stay competitive and not only survive, but also excel in what they do.

Association of TeleServices International

Canadian Call Management Association
Information: Linda Osip, 800-896-1054 or

CAM-X is the national association serving message exchange, call centre, and operator based companies, specializing in programs to assist professionals offering outsourced operator services. Since 1964, CAM-X has been helping companies to be more profitable by meeting the challenges of today’s fast paced, technology driven industry.

Great Lakes Teleservices Association

GLTSA is a multi-state organization formed to provide a regional platform of support and direction for the telemessaging industry. Their mission is to assist in the promotion, development, and expansion of the members business. This is done by taking a leadership role in the legislative, regulatory, and competitive issues facing the industry and sponsoring educational opportunities with encouragement toward high standards of ethics and services.

National Amtelco Equipment Owners

NAEO is an organization dedicated to serving its members with an opportunity to network, educate, and provide a unified voice to vendors servicing our industry. Members include both small and large call centers, based in the United States and around the world. Close communication is maintained by a strong email list-serve, a monthly on-line newsletter, and an annual convention. Recently added member benefits include the Amtelco wish list project, which provides member feedback to Amtelco; the mentor program which pairs up experienced members with newer members, offering guidance as needed; and Internet-based seminars that provide educational opportunities without the need to travel. Membership is open to any user of Amtelco equipment.

Onvisource Equipment Owners

OEO’s purpose is to provide educational opportunities, address common problems and opportunities pertaining to telemessaging equipment generally and Onvisource equipment specifically. Members gather and exchange information, experiences, concepts, and other materials relating to the use, operation and management of Onvisource telemessaging equipment and its software, including any related equipment, products, and services. Also, OEO addresses common issues and problems for development or resolution, as needed. Members share resources and ideas, providing a forum for the foregoing purposes.

Startel National Users Group
Information: Dan L’Heureux, 800-317-8529

Team SNUG is an organization made up of telemessaging service owners utilizing the Startel switch. Membership provides the opportunity to network and brainstorm with other successful call centers using the same equipment. By attending the annual meetings, talking with other members on the phone, or through the list serve, members can share, network, and help each other. SNUG members have developed many tools, including interactive CSR training, a marketing video, and ad slicks as well as the certification program. Team SNUG is a proactive group of industry leaders working together to offer beneficial services to all members.

Telescan Users Network

TUNe is comprised of answering service owners from across the country that uses Telescan equipment. Annual meetings are held each fall that bring together users and the personnel of Telescan. TUNe is an organization that allows its members to directly communicate with Telescan and give input into the industry and what call centers need to compete in today’s market.

Western States Telemessaging Association
Information: Dan L’Heureux, 877-754-4103

WSTA represents call centers committed to quality. Services provided by member companies vary from traditional telemessaging and voice mail to order taking and e-commerce solutions. Formed in 1993 with the joining of smaller regional groups NWA and TASMS to birth WSTA and in 2001 added ACETS (California & Nevada) to include most states west of the Mississippi, with TSAT representing Texas. In 2002 WSTA embarked on a Web-marketing effort to help drive customers to member companies. WSTA welcomes prospective members who are interested in learning and networking with peers on a local and regional basis.

[From Connection MagazineMarch 2003]

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