TUNe Annual Conference Summary

Reported by Darlene Campbell

The Telescan Users Network (TUNe) group held their annual conference November 8 through 10 in St. Louis, Missouri. Telescan, LLC introduced another new member of the software development team, Catalin Geanta. Geanta is from Romania and brings extensive experience to Telescan. Members were also delighted to see that Wes Morgenthaler has rejoined the Telescan. Wes will be responsible for information integration.

The TUNe members were shown a demonstration of the new instant messaging program, Spectrum Messenger, which has been developed by Telescan. Each member present received a free, two-user trial programs. The Spectrum Messenger makes internal communications faster, easier, and safer. The Spectrum Messenger allows staff to communicate in real time through an instant messaging system. Unlike other instant messaging systems, Spectrum Messenger provides control over how and to whom messages are sent through secure, encrypted communications across a local network or the Internet. Spectrum Messenger connects users together, allowing them to send messages to each other based on their level of access. Clients can also use this secure program for communication of information to the call center.

Telescan announced a scheduling program that can be offered to clients. It is accessible by both parties through secure connections. The program is being developed by the Telescan software team and is completely integrated with the current Earthnet and Spectrum Messenger systems. This program could be a great revenue source if marketed in that perspective.

Peggy Lents, with Lents and Associates, presented a seminar on public relations and provided each attendee with a kit prepared especially for their organization. This kit included a refresher on public relations ideas and provided each person the tools for several types of press releases, along with each member’s local newspapers names, addresses, telephone numbers, and contact names.

TUNe members embraced the ATSI certification program that was introduced by Gary Tedrick. Peter Lyle DeHaan will be contracted to work with Telescan to assure that site certification specifications, as they apply to Telescan equipment, are drawn to meet the national standards. Supervisor and agent training specific to Telescan equipment will be addressed as well. It was felt that site certification would assist owners in complying with local licensing, safety in the work place, insurance coverage, and equipment and security issues. Certification of supervisory staff and agents in the call centers will not only bring a higher quality of service but also provide a competitive edge in the market place.

Tedd Smith, ATSI president shared information about the public relations packet release that has been mailed from the association office. The packet contains articles that can be used in members’ newsletters or other forms of communication. ATSI has also contracted with Carolyn West Price to give seminars on public relations and marketing this year. Carolyn presented at the ATSI convention July 2002 to a standing room only audience.

Darlene Campbell made a presentation on the national ATSI initiative with America’s Blood Centers. She informed the audience that there is soon to be a press release from the Washington DC offices of America’s Blood Centers about this joint program on disaster preparedness as it relates to telecommunications and blood services. There will be two upcoming pilot projects. ATSI members have been gracious in offering consulting services, inbound and outbound services, and office space in the event that a blood center would need to relocate due to disaster.

For more information about TUNe, contact David Peck, at 417-881-0956 or dpeck@proanswering.com. Dues are only $100 per year.

[From Connection MagazineDecember 2002]

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