TUNe Meeting, November 2001

Reported by Darlene Campbell, TUNe President

If you missed the fall TUNe conference you missed great food, great friends, and hilarity. And, of course, mentally stimulating conversation and idea sharing.

The wish list is always the best reason to be in St. Louis at the fall conference – unless you consider the highly secret evening of entertainment planned by the folks at Telescan. Neither the wish list session nor the mystery dinner let us down this year. We hammered away at the wish list all day Friday and into Saturday morning. Yes, we want software upgrades and we want it all! It is pretty evident that Bob Vornberg and his staff had anticipated many of our questions because he kept saying, “I am working on that and it is doable!” Those were the words you wanted to hear. It is my understanding that Telescan is looking to hire another software programmer as well.

At the business meeting on Saturday, TUNe members voted to update our training CD-ROM. We will use our treasury surplus to fund the upgrade. We are a nonprofit organization, but have found ourselves in violation of the rules, so we are going to spend our money. This project will not start until the latest software enhancements are in place. Raymond Baggarly will be chairing this committee. We also voted to reduce the price of the current training CD-ROM. It is a valuable tool for training but we know that it has limitations due to the many upgrades most of our members have loaded on their systems in the past three years.

At Saturday’s session we saw presentations on scheduling via the Internet, billing software, and merchant services. Telescan is working with several vendors so we can offer value added services to our client base.

This conference was my last as President of the Telescan User’s Network. Thank you for the honor you placed upon me by selecting me for the job. I will continue to be a cheerleader for Telescan and the TUNe user group in the coming years. Please support David Peck and the new Board of Directors as the new season begins.

[From Connection MagazineJan/Feb 2002]