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Amtelco’s mission statement reads: “Working together to provide the very best communication product solutions, backed by the best support available. Listening closely to the needs of our customers provides the inspiration for Amtelco’s innovative solutions.”

Amtelco’s success can be attributed to several things. For more than forty-three years, Amtelco has been “on call,” developing reliable systems and applications backed by the company’s dedication to customer support. Amtelco has always been family-owned and managed through multiple generations who care for and understand their customers’ business.

This dedication is evident in the average length of service of Amtelco employees. Thirty-seven percent of the company’s 130 employees have been with Amtelco for more than fifteen years, and 17 percent have been with the company more than twenty years. In nine of Amtelco’s eleven departments, the average length of service is eleven or more years, and three departments have an average length of service of almost twenty years.

What’s New at Amtelco

Genesis IS Web Agent

The Genesis IS web agent application is a scalable client app that makes any personal computer a professional telephone agent station. The web agent can integrate with both hardwired legacy systems and Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)-based Voice Over IP (VoIP) networks. The web agent is an integral component of the Intelligent Series (IS) call center system.

The web agent application is a fully functioning call handling application that performs directory searches, answer and transfer of calls, scripted messaging, dispatching, and on-call handling, all with the portability of being accessible from a web browser.

Preparing for Genesis

In response to the growing need for call centers to quickly have access to the newest Amtelco software features, Amtelco offers contracted services to help call centers get up-to-date with current technologies, assist with projects such as upgrading system software, and help with growth and future development.

To simplify the transition to Genesis soft switching, the Intelligent Series (IS) Transformer is a set of tools that transform information from external sources to the IS database and from the IS database to external destinations.

The IS Transformer Directory/Data tools create Intelligent Series directories using exported data from Infinity and other call center platforms. They also can be used to import data into IS scheduling applications.

Genesis IS Social Media

The Genesis IS social media monitor translates popular social media posts, messages, and notifications into IS dispatch jobs for agents to manage on behalf of clients.

The social media monitor polls the client’s social media accounts for incoming activity on the client accounts and then presents the resulting notifications to the IS server MergeComm web API triggers.

Genesis IS Predictive Intelligence

Predictive intelligence saves time by forecasting who is calling and why they are calling. On incoming calls, predictive intelligence checks its specialized database and uses the ANI to identify previous callers. When predictive intelligence finds a previous caller, it displays the caller’s information to the operator along with a drop-down list that shows the reasons this caller has called before, in order of frequency. Operators simply select the reason for the call from the list, thus saving time and helping to ensure error-free information.


Businesses and healthcare enterprises who need to keep their communications secure use miSecureMessages. All kinds of businesses trust miSecureMessages for communication security. The secure messaging app sends encrypted text, photo, audio, and video content.

The miSecureMessages app has benefits for anyone using call centers for receptionist and messaging services to save time, increase efficiency, and improve security. It offers easy and encrypted messaging that’s perfect for small, medium, and large organizations. MiSecureMessages is an integral part of a complete secure messaging system from Amtelco. This streamlines communications by choosing the integrations that meet the specific needs of each call center team.

Version 4.2.0 features enhanced functionality with the Apple Watch. Apple Watch Series 3 and Series 4 users with Watch OS 5 or later can now read and reply to secure messages from their Apple Watch. Apple Watch now has an added menu that displays which accounts contain new messages.

Amtelco president Tom Curtin stated: “We are very excited to release this highly anticipated app update and would like to thank our customers who enthusiastically volunteered their time to test the update to ensure it would meet the needs of all of our customers. This new version will greatly improve business and healthcare communications for our customers.”

Customers using miSecureMessages may either manually or automatically update the app from their iPhone’s app store. New documentation is available on Amtelco’s TechHelper website for additional support.

The miSecureMessages Apple app provides secure messaging and paging services for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. The miSecureMessages Apple app receives notification of secure messages sent from the miSecureMessages web service via the Apple Push Notification Service. Users can view, respond to, and initiate messages to other miSecureMessages users within an organization.

Amtelco’s five-star service includes the online TechHelper and resource library. By building one of the largest research and development and field engineering departments in the industry, Amtelco provides its customers with greater expertise and guidance on planning and building the latest technology into their call centers.

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