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nSolve is a developer of trusted call answering and message taking software for telephone answering services (TAS). In 1998 nSolve Ltd was founded with a mission to create outstanding software solutions.


The original brief for nCall was to consolidate all the basic software requirements of an answering service while retaining the choice of phone system and third-party messaging services. As additional tools and features were commissioned by early adopters, it quickly became apparent that there was a need for a flexible yet affordable call-handling software product dedicated to the TAS industry.

The design philosophy of nSolve has always been to provide intuitive software programs that also offer advanced features allowing for business growth and customization. With this in mind, the nSolve team has continuously developed nCall over the past fifteen years, improving the core functionality and adapting to the ever-changing landscape of telecom technology. The result is a full-featured, easy-to-use application that is deployed by answering services large and small across the globe. 

How Does nCall Work?

nCall is a client-server program that unifies the various components of an answering service and delivers them within a single user interface connecting to a central server. The nCall server can be installed on an ordinary PC, a dedicated Windows server, or hosted in a virtual environment.

Through TAPI telephone system integration or via VoIP handset connection, nCall pops the correct client information on-screen when the phone rings by identifying the number the caller dialed. This allows operators to answer the call immediately and with absolute professionalism.

When a call comes through, the user dashboard automatically displays the following information:

  • Client’s custom call greeting
  • Client’s description, contact details, and call handling preferences
  • Contacts associated to the client
  • Additional documents relevant to the client, such as booking forms, price lists, and calendars
  • Caller history, if client is a repeat caller

By clicking on an individual contact, you can then see their chosen call handling preferences and dedicated notes section.

Furthermore, each client and contact can have three preset, customizable call actions (presented as buttons) that operators can systematically choose from when handling the call. This system reduces operator agency and increases the efficiency of all calls answered.

More Than Just Answering Calls

nCall goes well beyond basic call handling with its powerful built-in messaging toolset, Message Centre. To manage all the possible preferences your clients may present, each contact in nCall can have an unlimited number of message actions that define how and when they receive their messages.

Using nCall’s process of “incoming call > call action > message > message action” is incredibly efficient, removing the need for elaborate call scripts that can be time consuming and difficult to modify without risk of error.

Easing the Pressure of Billing Runs

nCall administrators can create and define an unlimited number of billing schemes within nCall and then assign them to different clients. When configuring a scheme, users can choose between fixed, timed, or event-based charges that account for every situation. Each call, transfer, and message handled through nCall is automatically recorded against the relevant client.

Admins can then run detailed billing reports that can be saved as CSV files for uploading into your desired billing software package. With over fifty exportable fields, nCall can accommodate any billing requirements. This allows answering services to offer highly detailed packages without causing additional administration or calculation during billing runs.

Third-Party Integration

nSolve’s development team has integrated nCall with many hardware telephone systems, hosted PBXs, and IP handsets to permit answering services their choice of setup. Further integrations include secure messaging applications, PingMD and TigerText, as well as several established SMS providers, such as Twilio.

Building on nCall

nSolve has developed a suite of additional modules that can be easily added to bolster nCall, such as the smartphone app MyTAS, the full-featured API Server that allows for data to be pushed and pulled from the nCall database, and nCall’s built-in softphone, Buzz.

nCall also comes packaged with a custom form design application for advanced message taking as well as a host of administration tools. Admins will have everything available to them to run a profitable answering service, from call statistics to staff reminders and tasks.

Deploying nCall

nCall is suitable for both start-ups and established TASs that are using alternative software packages. The knowledgeable nSolve team has many years of experience transitioning answering services to nCall and welcomes any TAS business wanting to explore a new software solution.

The nSolve support team handles the installation, configuration, client data import, and phone system integration with nCall and then conducts a series of tests to ensure that all systems are running correctly.

The installation of nCall is a relatively straightforward procedure, but training operators is even simpler. Within fifteen minutes, new users can be answering calls and taking messages professionally. nSolve also provides full one-on-one administrator training, with advanced sessions available to get the absolute most out of nCall’s functionality.

Looking to the Future

The nSolve development team is currently enhancing nCall to allow optional deployment of the nCall server and database on a cloud-based solution. By running the nCall client locally on a Windows PC or laptop, operators will connect to a hosted server and seamlessly access the nCall database without a noticeable effect to the user experience. Hosting the nCall server database in the cloud provides the flexibility and mobility many modern businesses seek, without a dependence on web browser-based applications that can be marred by lengthy loading times and poor responsiveness.

nCall is very much the product of industry demand. It’s designed, created, and honed for the very specific needs of answering services the world over and kept at a reasonable price for businesses of all sizes.

If you are ready to upgrade your system or want to save money on your existing software solution, contact nSolve now for further information at, 617-307-1737, or visit

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