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Amtelco Cloud-Based Platform Solution

The core of Amtelco’s guiding values is prioritizing its family members, including customers and employees, which leads to a five-star support experience. Amtelco creates reliable products empowering others to communicate quickly and securely while thoughtfully growing and improving to meet long-term needs. Moreover, Amtelco is known for embracing its family with compassion and transparency while encouraging innovation and creativity from all members.

Employees and customers are part of the family at Amtelco which has led the company to be awarded a Top Workplaces honor for four years. Amtelco’s customers and partners can attest to the value of its services. For instance, Gerald Brosseau, the president of Always On Call, shared how moving to the Amtelco system was the best decision they’ve ever made as a business. “The relationships are invaluable, and you feel like you are a partner within their company,” he said. 

Amtelco has also taken its commitment to environmental responsibility to new heights. The company has been eco-minded and dedicated to recycling in the office for years, but now Amtelco has gone a step further by setting the goal to reduce its carbon footprint by 59 percent with the help of solar panels. This move aligns with the company’s mission to invest in the community through renewable energy.

Tom Curtin, CEO of Amtelco, expressed his excitement: “For many years, it was just a wonderful wish to reduce the greenhouse gas contribution we make. We are fortunate that Amtelco has been successful.” Recently, Amtelco participated in the Trex Company’s Recycle Beyond the Bag program, collecting eligible plastic bags, films, and wraps for six months to earn a Trex® bench made from recycled materials. The company’s dedication to recycling and reducing its carbon footprint benefits the environment and sets an example for other businesses to follow.

Reliable Five-Star Support 

Amtelco provides the best contact center software on the market, backed by the best support available in the industry. Amtelco has a reputation for complete, professional system support, offering training, installation, and technical support staff on call on a 24-hour basis. Amtelco’s customer support staff provides fast and reliable service when they need assistance with their contact center solutions. Customer advocates, solutions architects, and product managers are available to help customers and answer questions before, during, and after the sale.

Welcome to the Next Generation with Active Insights

Active Insights is a cloud-based platform that optimizes contact center performance and helps users make data-driven decisions. Its various features enable users to enhance customer satisfaction, streamline operations, and improve call quality. With an intuitive interface and easy deployment, users can get started quickly. Its customizable call-scoring scripts allow users to create tailored rating criteria, enabling them to identify areas of excellence and opportunities for improvement. The platform also provides comprehensive statistics and call overviews, allowing users to adjust based on the figures. Active Insights is accessible through a secure web portal, making it easily accessible from any browser.

Hosting Options That Work as Hard as You Do

Amtelco offers customizable contact center solutions to cater to the specific needs of businesses. Cloud-based and hosted services both help companies control costs and ensure state-of-the-art disaster recovery. Cloud service allows contact centers to purchase virtual servers and networking resources maintained by the provider while the contact center manages them through easy-to-use websites or help desks.

On the other hand, hosted solutions place the necessary hardware in a secure data center, with Amtelco taking care of all server updates. Contact centers can use either of these services to eliminate on-premises hardware and software, reduce maintenance costs, and focus more on their primary goals. Partnering with a company like Amtelco can alleviate the need for technical support, allowing businesses to streamline their operations and enhance productivity.

Genesis Software: Designed with Evolution in Mind

The Genesis software solution provides a virtualized, cloud-based, and entirely software-based system that offers skill-based automatic call distribution (ACD), built-in speech recognition, text-to-speech (TTS), and voice services, improving call routing and management. Designed for flexibility and growth, the database-driven call scripts with prompts, lookups, and navigation ensure agent training happens quickly and easily. 

Technology Made to Simplify and Streamline

Web Agent is a powerful and versatile browser-based telephone agent interface that allows agents to process multi-channel calls through their desktop computers or laptops, increasing their efficiency and productivity. With up to six call lines and the ability to configure the number of calls they receive at once, agents can handle more calls in less time. In addition, Web Agent simplifies call handling with customized toolbar buttons for clients, reduces IT admin and infrastructure dependencies, and provides a reliable, web-server-only connection.

Web Supervisor is the ultimate tool for supervisors seeking convenient and easy access to configuration settings, scripting tools, and monitoring features, all from the comfort of a web browser. Web Supervisor users can access the program from any computer browser, laptop, or tablet, making it perfect for system administrators who need to manage settings remotely. Say goodbye to complicated configurations and hello to a user-friendly, web-based solution with Web Supervisor.

Secure All-In-One Messaging Solution

MiSecureMessages, Amtelco’s encrypted messaging solution, offers an intuitive design to provide end-to-end encryption for communications. The tool is perfect for all industries that must ensure secure communications, including healthcare and enterprises. MiSecureMessages allows users to track the progress of messages, increase agent efficiency, improve security, and reduce errors.

Right Message, Right Time, Every Time

Amtelco’s notification software is the perfect solution for organizations needing to notify large groups, small groups, and individuals quickly and accurately about planned and unplanned events such as emergencies, service outages, meetings, and natural disasters.

This web-based, script-driven feature combines preprogrammed automated call dialing with text-to-speech (TTS) translation and web accessibility, enabling organizations to contact the appropriate personnel promptly. With Amtelco’s notification solutions, businesses can easily set up and trigger automated or on-demand alerts from any computer with an Internet connection, giving them the power to be better prepared for any situation.

No More Merger Mayhem and Less Growing Pains

For contact centers experiencing growth or transitioning, Contracted Services provides expert support and guidance to streamline operations, update technologies, and boost productivity. Amtelco’s system assessment service offers comprehensive reviews and recommendations for conversion processes, giving businesses the confidence to make informed decisions.

Contracted Services provide a wide range of services and advice options to help add new accounts, update existing ones, merge departments, and lay out best practices for teams. With Contracted Services, contact centers can trust that they have access to the experience and expertise needed to navigate any challenge and reach their goals.

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