Vendor Profile: OnviSource

OnviSource’s mission is to empower enterprises and contact centers in their digital transformation. To do this, they offer cost effective, automated solutions in customer experience management (CXM), process automation, and self-service.

This mission is the basis for OnviSource’s introduction of ia.Enterprise™, a comprehensive set of intelligently automated solutions to directly assist enterprises in their digital transformation. OnviSource’s breakthrough is solutions in intelligent automation (IA) using digital transformation strategies.

Digital Transformation

Enterprises strive to develop long-lasting, positive customer experiences with customers. However, enterprises face major challenges with today’s connected, mobile, and demanding customers. They have other options if they aren’t satisfied. Customers use multiple assisted or self-service channels, including phone, email, chat, website, and social media. They expect seamless, prompt, and quality service.

Improving productivity and reducing costs are major initiatives. The top three are customer satisfaction, productivity improvement, and self-service. To pursue these initiatives, companies must adopt a new strategy: digital transformation. This embodies major changes based on four fundamental transformations: developing a digital DNA culture, designing new business models, moving to data-driven processes and decision-making, and implementing emerging, digital technologies.

OnviSource’s ia.Enterprise empowers companies in their digital transformation by delivering cost-effective, comprehensive, automated solutions. It manages all customer touch points and engagement before, during, and after service, which delivers solutions for the top three service goals.

OnviSource ia.Enterprise Solutions

ia.Enterprise offers a broad range of solutions in customer experience management (AAIRR™, Intellecta™, Inspecta™, OnviCom™, and OnviForce™), automation (Automata™), and self-service (Liaa™).

Customer Experience Management

AAIRR (automated, adaptive, intelligent real-time routing) optimizes service routing by first automatically capturing all critical data from all entities engaged in the service routing. This includes network routing elements, ACDs, IVRs, PBXs, and service centers capacity, skill sets, or capabilities. It analyzes these key performance indicators in real time using advanced analytics and decision-making engines. This provides actionable knowledge on how and where to route the customer service request. Finally, it automatically routes the customer service request to the most optimized supplier of the service.

Intellecta lets companies intelligently unify and analyze 100 percent of data and media from all customer engagement channels. This includes calls, email, chat, surveys, and social media mentions. It then generates valuable information and actionable knowledge, followed by automatically making decisions and launching actions. The results assist enterprises to proactively improve customer interactions, agent performance, compliance management, and back-office transactions.

Powered by iMachine, Intellecta is an advanced set of voice intelligence engines, multichannel analytics, decision-making engines, and automation capabilities. Intellecta can interface with call recording systems from OnviSource or other vendors.

Inspecta provides all-inclusive, intelligent enterprise feedback management, powered by analytics and insightful reports. Inspecta’s capabilities include multichannel inbound-outbound communications; surveys, inquiries, and notifications; and analytics.

OnviCom delivers an all-inclusive, next-generation, software-based, affordable teleservice solutions. Applications include telephony, teleservice, answering service, dispatch, multimedia messaging (email, fax, and SMS), and HIPAA-compliant secure messaging. It also offers call recording, screen capture, and agent quality assurance. OnviCom fully integrates with Intellecta and Inspecta. It can interface to PRI, T1, VoIP, and SIP trunking. OnviCom can provide least cost routing and intermachine trunking to reduce telecom expenses.

OnviForce WFO and WFM: OnviSource’s workforce optimization (WFO) suite of solutions offer multimedia capture, recording, and monitoring of calls and desktop screens. Users can process 100 percent of their calls, create custom reports, and automatically distribute recordings and information. They can also manage media files and recorded calls, remain PCI-compliant, and integrate with telecom products and telephony platforms. A final feature is conducting quality assurance evaluations.

OnviSource’s next-generation workforce management (WFM), Persona™, uses information from multiple sources. These include calls, chat, email, and back-office workload. This prepares dynamic skill sets for optimized workforce scheduling. Persona offers a comprehensive set of features in forecasting and scheduling.


Automata provides intelligent process automation for a variety of enterprise tasks and functions. The result is a significant improvement in productivity and cost reduction. It also eliminates human error, latency in task completion, and process deficiency. Automata capabilities are robotic process automation, intelligent process automation, and workflow automation.

Self Service

Liaa is an AI-driven, automated chatbot (intelligent virtual agent). It allows a significant reduction in payroll expenses, faster response and resolution times, and a reduction in employee stress and burnout. It is a self-learning system with unlimited and rapid access to knowledge, predictive and proactive support, and interaction via text or voice. Liaa increases the productivity of customer service teams.

When combined with Inspecta and Intellecta, Liaa provides a major differentiator due to its intrinsic AI model. An important aspect of an AI engine is its ability to learn through examples. Like the human brain, the more relevant examples provided to an AI engine and its learning machine, the better. This delivers a more intelligent performance.

In most AI-driven products, relevant examples are manually prepared and fed to the AI engine. However, OnviSource offers an integrated environment. In this environment, the AI engines automatically and continuously receive relevant examples. These come from other parts of the OnviSource solutions that analyze customer engagement and customer interactions. Hence, they produce valuable and updated examples for the AI’s learning machine. This makes ia.Enterprise AI engines more intelligent in performing tasks.

ia.Enterprise Architecture

ia.Enterprise solutions require a powerful architecture. This supports advanced analytics, emerging technologies for visualization and reports, multimedia environments, and support for flexible delivery models of on-premise, SaaS/cloud, or hybrid solutions. There are four layers.

Layer 1—OnviCenter 8 Platform: OnviCenter 8 is an advanced software platform that can support the deployment of OnviSource’s new IA solutions for a broad range of enterprise and contact center functions related to CXM, automation, and self-service. It also supports and complies with the industry’s latest security measures, operating systems, user management, media players, browsers, LDAP, and database products. This enables users to tap advance technologies and security capabilities. It is highly scalable and can support the deployment of solutions as on-premise, cloud-based, or both.

Layer 2—Big Data: Layer 2 provides a broad range of functions to capture and manage big data. It interfaces and interacts with enterprise entities such as telecom systems, CRM, databases, and ERP applications. Next it captures and records in a multichannel format, such as call recording, screen capture, or interaction with Third, it unifies and organizes the data and media. Then it categorizes the data based on topics and other criteria. Lastly, it prepares and presents data to the next layer.

Layer 3—iMachine: OnviSource created the nucleus of intelligent automation, iMachine™, with an intrinsic AI capability. It consists of voice intelligence engines, advanced analytics, and AI-driven bots. It also has NLU and dialog management, plus an adaptive learning machine with decision-making engines. This powerful, all-inclusive intelligent automation nucleus is the core for all ia.Enterprise solutions.

Layer 4—Application: This layer offers a broad range of ia.Enterprise applications in CXM, automation, and self-service. This includes AAIRR, Intellecta, Inspecta, OnviCom, OnviForce, Automata, and Liaa.

Advantage Plus Program

OnviSource understands the complexity and challenge customers face when applying analytics and automation to their operation and generating true ROIs while meeting all aspects of their operational and business needs. To this point, OnviSource offers Advantage Plus, a customer-centric program for pre- and post-sale needs.

Pre-sale initiatives include free consultation, free proof-of-concept analyses to prove solution applicability and ROI, and a no-obligation expectation. Post-sale initiatives include a flexible delivery model and free thirty-day operation assistance.

OnviSource Equipment Owners Association

OnviSource is a proud sponsor of the OnviSource Equipment Owners (OEO) association user group. OEO members are users of OnviSource products. They seek to strengthen their investment in OnviSource’s solutions in a true member-vendor partnership. This relationship continues to strengthen the company’s ability to serve its customers with their technology needs. OEO also sponsors training webinars and an annual association event.

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