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For over ten years, and through progressive year-over-year profitability, stability, and growth in all areas, OnviSource has been providing solutions for contact centers, back offices, and IT organizations through software products, cloud services, and outsourcing solutions. The company continues to offer affordable solutions and contact center applications to optimize, automate, and unify customer interactions, business transactions, operational data, and various processes to improve overall productivity, assure compliances, and develop a positive customer experience.

OnviSource solutions are used by a well-established customer base in a wide range of industries. The company is recognized by industry analysts as a major contender, “hot vendor,” and pioneer in enterprise and contact center workforce optimization.

Company Vision: OnviSource views the market trends to rapidly move toward:

  • Offering contact center applications, teleservices, and enterprise-wide workforce optimization solutions that are more affordable. These solutions are web-based, all software, support mobility, fully merged, and integrated with other enterprise silos such as PBX, ACD, IVR, dialers, and CRM applications. They are available as capital purchase, cloud, or managed services.
  • Solutions delivering feature-rich and integrated capabilities in contact center and teleservice applications, workforce optimization (WFO), workforce management (WFM), and the emerging and in-demand customer experience management (CXM).
  • WFO, WFM, and CXM solutions powered by sophisticated automation provided through advanced technologies in multichannel, omni-channel, and cross-channel capture, unification, analytics, and decision-making engines.
  • Applications, productivity, compliances, and customer experiences are improved through 1) capturing, unifying, and analyzing all customer interactions media from all customer touch points, such as calls, emails, chat, social media, customer surveys, desktop transactions, and structured-unstructured documents; 2) capturing, unifying, and analyzing all customer service key operational data from all systems and entities engaged in delivering the service to customers, such as PBX, ACD, IVR, dialer, traffic routing, and contact center performance data; and 3) followed by sophisticated and cognitively driven decision-making engines using the outputs of the analytics for both customer interactions and operational data – making decisions, launching appropriate actions, and operating as continuous learning systems.

The realization of the above market trends and needs have been the drivers in OnviSource’s vision, strategies, and solutions offerings.

Advanced Multichannel and Enterprise-wide Solutions: To that end, OnviSource offers the multifaceted OnviCenter 7 suite, a broad range of advanced and affordable solutions:

  • Multichannel capture and monitoring of calls, desktop screens, social media, emails, text, chat, and data from systems engaged in providing customer service
  • Multichannel analytics for speech, desktop, text, and data, offering actionable knowledge and launching actions, as well as providing trend analysis and channel-agnostic insights through omni-channel and cross-channel analytics
  • A broad range of multichannel workforce optimization and workforce management (WFO/WFM) applications, including quality assurance (QA), automated and multichannel QA for 100 percent of captured media, PCI compliance, workflow automation, automated coaching, and FCR improvements.
  • Holistic customer experience management (CXM) and voice of customer (VoC) through the analysis of customer interactions at all touch points, as well as the unification and the analysis of the data from systems engaged in providing services.
  • Contact center applications, offered on premise or as cloud services, such as IP-PBX, ACD, IVR, dialers, multichannel agent desktop presentations and management, and analytics-driven service routing.

A key differentiator is the company’s customer service and advantage program, a free professional service in which OnviSource basically does all of the work to analyze specific needs and root causes, select a tailored solution, justify it, and implement it to properly work in each environment. OnviSource will even provide free pilot programs if necessary.

Next Generation Solutions for the Teleservices Industry: Announced last year, OnviCom offers a cost effective, end-to-end, and software only suite of integrated solutions in telephony platform and soft switch, customer interaction applications, teleservices, and answering services. OnviCom provides a unified solution ranging from network interfaces and IP-PBX to web-based teleservice and CRM applications. It also includes embedded workforce optimization, automation, and management solutions such as call recording, quality assurance, and multichannel analytics.

OnviCom’s end-to-end suite of products includes front-end capabilities, web-based applications, and back-end solutions.

Front-End Capabilities (OnviTel): OnviSource’s new OnviTel 2.0 is a next-gen, all software, PBX and call management solution and a cost-effective alternative to traditional systems. It is flexible, providing state-of-the-art PBX functions as premise-based equipment or as a cloud service. It is an ideal solution for controlling telecom costs for all users, both remote and local. It features:

  • VoIP-based and multichannel voice-data network interfaces
  • Fully-featured IP-PBX, auto-attendant, and IVR
  • Tiered voicemail for internal office use or use by enterprise clients
  • Intelligent call distribution and application-based call management

Web-Based Applications (TeleServ)

  • Web-based, easy to install-and-use applications in teleservices, answering service, emergency-dispatch, HIPAA-compliant secure messaging, and multimedia messaging
  • A framework in developing a variety of CIM (customer interaction management) and CRM applications

Back-End Solutions: OnviCom products can be acquired selectively and in discrete modules, or as a complete end-to-end environment. Seamlessly integrate, enhance, and transition OnviSource’s existing products to the new generation of capabilities, including:

  • Fully integrated workforce optimization, automation, and management, such as call recording, QA, multichannel analytics for calls, desktop, and social media, workforce scheduling, automated report generation, and distribution
  • Advanced operation continuity, replication, backup and recovery, archiving, and purging
  • A “cloud-ready” platform, providing capabilities such as IP-based technologies, security measures, web services, VMWare, and multi-tenant applications

Customer Lifecycle Assistance Service: OnviCare customer lifecycle assistance services are a key vendor differentiator and include the advantage program. The advantage program is a special service program assisting new and existing customers faced with complicated business issues. The advantage program is beneficial in helping customers with the challenges of selecting the right solutions, implementations, and ROI recognition of products and solutions to fit their specific needs. This includes complex solutions such as multichannel analytics and data mining through the provisioning of application analysis, ROI analysis, project planning, customization, pilot programs, and business continuity-assurance measures.

OnviSource has a strong focus on customer satisfaction and customer loyalty through a dedicated customer-centric focus consisting of fully empowered executives of the company. OnviSource’s customer support has enabled it to maintain high customer satisfaction resulting in an over 95 percent customer retention rate.

OnviSource Equipment Owners (OEO) Association: OnviSource continues to support, and is heavily involved in, its partnership with the OnviSource Equipment Owners (OEO) Association user group. This relationship continues to strengthen the company’s ability to better serve its customers with their specific technology needs, as well as sponsoring training webinars and an annual association event.

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