Voice Mail and Voice Processing System Providers

Alston Tascom provides voicemail via its Evolution Communications and Data System with Integrated Voice Mail. Evolution’s voice processing and voicemail module includes features designed to keep clients in touch, while freeing agents to handle more incoming calls. It uses Raid 1 mirrored “hot swap” disks for redundancy and offers multiple methods of delivery, including email, CD-ROM, paging (digital, voice, and alpha), conventional message pickup, and agent revert. Integrated with IVR, speech recognition, text-to-speech, and database access, Evolution voicemail is a powerful voice processing system.

To learn more, contact Alston Tascom at 866-282-7266, or visit www.alstontascom.com.

Amtelco‘s Infinity automated call distribution and unified messaging system includes a fully integrated, full-featured voice processing and messaging service, which makes call handling faster and simpler than with add-on voicemail systems.

Offering much more than standard voicemail, Infinity’s comprehensive voice processing features allow customers to easily add automated features, thus increasing revenue while saving time for operators. Some of these automated features include: automated paging, mailbox names, prerecorded greetings, message distribution lists, delivery receipt, future delivery, voicemail scripting, and email forwarding.

For more information, contact Amtelco at 800-356-9148 or info@amtelco.com.

CenturiSoft specializes in Unified Communications, an integrated email, fax, and voice system that can drastically reduce communication expenses. Centuri Messenger provides all the features of stand-alone systems at a fraction of the cost.

By combining non-real-time (voicemail and messaging) with real-time (follow-me, call screening, bridging, conferencing, and ACD) together in one package, they are able to achieve flexibility in one system as opposed to multiple systems trying to work as one seamless application.

For more information, call 800-866-1929, email sales@centurisoft.com, or visit www.centurisoft.com.

Szeto Technologies‘s VMS4500 includes voicemail. It comes with telephone switching, and it can front-end another data system, function as a stand-alone voice messaging machine, or operate as a back end voicemail system providing value-added services. It offers direct-connect features such as operator revert, one-number (follow-me), rendezvous (meet-me), and IVR.

Administration is Web-based and platform independent. Digital voice quality produces clear call patching. Automatic message delivery settings include sequencing and an unlimited number of methods, which are subscriber changeable via the Internet.

It has an optional new “Employee Workalone Safety Program,” for remote worker monitoring.

Contact Szeto Technologies at 877-697-9368, info@szeto.ca, or www.szeto.ca.

[From Connection Magazine May 2007]

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