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By Nicole Strother

Amtelco’s Web-Enabled applications were instrumental in Torcom winning a recent project with the Green Bay Packers. The Green Bay Packer project that Torcom, a Madison, WI based call center, won is to assist in an effort to renovate Lambeau Field. The Green Bay Packers are looking to generate public and political support for their proposal, which will use the proceeds from a small local sales tax increase.

The Green Bay Packers have been advertising an 800 number to help individuals express their support of the proposed plan to state legislators. This project required that Torcom’s agents know who the callers’ state legislators were. Due to this new technology, the agents were able to use the existing State of Wisconsin website to obtain the information. Amtelco’s Web-enabled agent not only helps Torcom provide better customer service, but it is also time efficient.

Amtelco’s Infinity has been enhanced to allow agents access to Web-based information as a core part of their call processing functions. The Web-enabled calls are presented to the agent just like any other call. By attaching a built-in Internet browser to the agent station software, and including an Internet website URL address as a “dial string” in the client’s information, a Web page is attached to the client’s account. Whenever a call is answered for that account, the Web page is automatically displayed on the agent’s screen.

The State of Wisconsin has allowed Torcom’s agents to use their existing website. By using the information from this website, the agent can then answer the caller’s questions, complete an order for the caller or gather information for the client. The agent simply enters the zip code and street address of the caller in order to ascertain the callers’ legislative representative.

“Without this technology, Torcom would have had to purchase an expensive software package, perform hours of programming to integrate it with our system, and train our agents in its use in order to perform this simple look-up. Due to the time constraints of this project and the prohibitive cost of the alternative, Torcom undoubtedly would not have been able to get this account without Amtelco’s Web-Enabled ACD technology,” stated owner, Laurie Torvik.

“We use Web-enabled operator applications many times every day to search client Web-based databases for phone listings, dealer listings and product information. We also make simple Web pages, using Microsoft Office or FrontPage, for many difficult answering service accounts. These pop up when a call comes to remind our operators of special call-handling information. This saves us from making errors and greatly improves customer satisfaction and retention. Web-enabled operator features will, by themselves, justify our purchase of Infinity,” said Allan Fromm, president of An-ser Services.

Other Web-enabled applications include eCallback, eChat, ePush, eOn-Call Scheduler, eRegistry and eDirectory. Infinity’s Web-enabled eCallback feature allows call centers to offer individuals browsing the Internet the ability to request a callback from an agent. This is accomplished by placing an eCallback link on a Web page. When the individual browsing selects the link, an eCallback form is displayed asking them to enter information that will tell the agent how to reach them. The agent then receives a non-live call with the information they entered, and can then call the person back at the phone number they entered.

Web-enabled call centers are also utilizing eChat. The eChat feature gives call centers the ability to offer individuals who are browsing the Internet the ability to “chat” interactively with an agent while on-line. An eChat session is opened when the person browsing the Internet opens an eChat link on a website. The chat request is assigned to an agent screen, the chat box opens on both the agent’s and browser’s screens which then allows the browser to request more information from the agent.

Peter Shurman of Universal TeleResponse Corporation stated, “Our company has been using Amtelco’s Web-enabled enhancements since their inception several years ago. We’ve been first-hand observers and participants in the demand and supply of net-based services on a business-to-business basis. We can truly say that there are a dozen or more active, substantial accounts we wouldn’t have without these features. We see a day not far from now when calls won’t necessarily have anything more or less to do with telephones than any other medium and we are encouraged that Amtelco continues to ensure that our ability to address those revenue streams on their terms is not compromised.”

The ePush feature works hand in hand when the agent is using the eCallback or eChat features. The agent can “push” Web pages back to the individual using the ePush feature. This feature works as an alternative to either chatting or calling the individual back. The agent can simply answer a question by “pushing” a Web page to the individual, creating instant collaboration.

The eOn-Call Scheduler allows call centers to extend on-call scheduling functions to anyone that has a PC with a Web browser and a connection to the Internet. With this function clients are able to set up, maintain and view their on-call schedules from anywhere in the world, which in turn allows them to take responsibility off the agents.

“Amtelco’s Web-enabled features have opened many new and exciting opportunities for us. When a call arrives at our call center, we can present any Web page to the agent. We are then connected directly to our client’s database and can provide real-time inventory, scheduling, or product information to the caller. Any changes we make are then immediately available to our client,” said Michael Leibowitz, owner of Professional Answering Service.

With eRegistry, clients can use the Internet to gain access to Infinity’s Registry. Within the Registry they can change their status, read their messages or view a Roster of associates. Through eRegistry, clients are provided access to the Registry throughout the world.

The password-protected eDirectory feature allows call centers to extend the directories to clients and other authorized users who have a connection to the Internet. The eDirectory allows the user to select a directory to view, search for specific listings within the directory, and view directory info cards. The user can even enter a message for an individual, which can be saved, faxed, emailed or paged to the address.

“We also like the extra flexibility that the Web page design allows. With the power of HTML, we can customize the screen for any account, even if they do not need the extra power of databases,” said Leibowitz.

Amtelco’s eCreator complements the Web-enabled applications. eCreator is a rapid application development tool that simplifies creating custom Web-based agent applications. eCreator uses a drag and drop technology to simplify the Web page scripting process. All that is necessary is to drag an element from the palette and drop it on to the Web page being created. There is no need for HTML or special programming knowledge, therefore freeing up valuable IT people to handle other tasks. eCreator creates a portal to the databases of information you need to access. eCreator also performs lookups of previous information. It verifies credit card numbers, zip codes and phone numbers to help increase accuracy.

“During on-site sales presentations, potential clients have been completely speechless when they see the ease of combining Web applications and live agent services into a single integrated package. In the past, we have had to prove the quality of our services to justify the price, now we can show them. Marketing costs have decreased because our subscribers can’t wait to tell their customers and business associates about us. Revenues have increased dramatically, therefore keeping quality staff is no longer a problem,” stated Richard Maassen, All Pro Communications, Inc.

With Amtelco‘s Infinity based Web-enabled technology, call centers are now able to gain new clients virtually anywhere in the world. For more information about Amtelco’s Infinity Web-enabled applications or eCreator call 800-356-9148.

[From Connection Magazine – March 2000]

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