January 2022 Issue of Connections Magazine

The January 2022 Issue of Connections Magazine, covering call centers and the teleservice industry

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CM January 2022

The Next Act for Contact Center Transformation, by Donna Fluss Companies must make enhancements and investments, as a starting point, or find themselves with unhappy (and fewer) customers and challenged to find good candidates to staff their contact centers. . . . read more >>

From the Publisher: Look Forward to Embrace the New Year, by Peter Lyle DeHaan, PhD
Embrace this year with an enlightened, optimistic perspective, believing that you have the potential to make it an amazing year. . . . read more >>

Telemarketing Laws: An Auditors Perspective, by Rich Hamilton
It’s risky when companies don’t take telemarketing laws seriously. The litigation or millions in fines could put you out of business. . . read more >>

Complying With the Latest Telemarketing Rules, by Angela Garfinkel
Know the key telemarketing rules and regulation changes that occurred in 2021. Conduct a thorough review to make sure you comply. . . . read more >>

Ten Years Ago: The Future of the Call Center Industry by Clinton Fitch
Check out the prognostications from ten years ago to see what the industry has achieved and then build upon it. . . . read more >>

Twenty Years Ago: What Makes Your Company Different and Better, by David Saxby
With increased competition and greater choices available to customers, follow these strategies to retain existing clients and attract new ones. . . . read more >>

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