July 2021 Issue of Connections Magazine

The July 2021 Issue of Connections Magazine, covering call centers and the teleservice industry

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CM JULY 2021

Top 5 Competencies for Outsource Call Center Agents by JoAnna Montgomery
If you can’t find experienced agents, use this list of competencies to look for as you hire staff. . . . read more >>

From the Publisher: Create Sticky Customer Service in Your Call Center, by Peter Lyle DeHaan, PhD
Customer service isn’t a once-and-done effort. It takes ongoing focus to truly meet customer expectations. The new book Sticky Customer Service provides key insights. . . . read more >>

Vendor Profile on Startel 
Last year Startel realized unprecedented opportunity for innovation and growth. Discover the strides they made during a challenging time to better serve their customers. . . . read more >>

Happy Employees Mean Happier Customers by Patrick Gilbert
Focus on making employees happy, and in turn, they will make your customers happy. . . . read more >>

Current Status of Speech (and Text) Analytics by Donna Fluss
Applying Interaction analytics (IA) solutions to improve the performance of contact centers is valuable and will result in a payback within 2–3 years, when used properly.. . . . read more >>

Transform Voice of Customer Insights with Artificial Intelligence Powered Speech Analytics by Matt Rocco and Jim Iyoob
Make artificial intelligence and speech analytics, the two most revolutionizing technologies of this time, integral parts of your contact center quality monitoring. . . . read more >>

How Call Center Service Providers Impact Customer Experience by Megan Fallis
Call center service providers need an uncompromised focus on customer experience to see change, because behind every phone call, email, chat, or text there is a customer. . . . read more >>

Top 5 Call Center Software Must-Have Features in 2021 by April Forer
Call center software plays a critical role in operating a successful business. Choosing the right features will streamline operations and help meet the challenges you face. . . . read more >>

The Costly Impact of Unanswered Outbound Calls on Call Centers by Krishna Korlepara
Learn how to make it possible for the enterprise and call center to reach its customers for the conversations that are too important to miss. . . . read more >>

Ten Years Ago: Filling Your Call Center with Proactive, Self-Reliant Agents by Luis Echevarria
When you provide agents with the best tools to do their job, the outcome is the best product for your call center and your clients.. . . . read more >>

Twenty Years Ago: Are You Mining the Gold from Your Clients? by David Saxby
Customers want someone to listen to them, to treat them with respect, and to show them some appreciation. . . . read more >>

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