May 2022 Issue of Connections Magazine

The May 2022 Issue of Connections Magazine, covering call centers and the teleservice industry

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May 2022

AI is Transforming Contact Centers, by Donna Fluss
AI technology has already demonstrated its ability to improve productivity and reduce costs in contact centers while delivering benefits to customers and employees alike . . . read more >>

From the Publisher: Embrace SaaS Flexibility, by Peter Lyle DeHaan, PhD
Tap SaaS to maximize outcomes. Using internet provided services for your call center provides many advantages. It is affordable, scalable, and portable. It’s always up to date . . . read more >>

Vendor Profile on Amtelco
As Amtelco grows they remain committed to developing innovative technology solutions to streamline communications and increase efficiency for their clients . . . read more >>

Veterans: An Untapped Pool with Rich Skill Set
Countering the great resignation with niche recruiting—of Veterans. The reward for a concerted effort to target niche veteran candidates is a dedicated, loyal workforce . . . read more >>

Talent, Tech, and TAS
Leverage cloud-based automation tools to help your team deliver exceptional results and pursue actionable customer insight that allows them to work smarter, more coherently, without waiting for another hire to arrive . . . read more >>

Ten Years Ago: Learn How to Handle Irate Customers, by John Tschohl
When you successfully handle irate customers and their complaints, you will be rewarded with a satisfied customer who will be loyal to you and your organization . . . read more >>

Twenty Years Ago: Call Center Burnout: A Personal Story of Truth and Admission, by A Call Center Veteran
Discover a wise approach to effectively deal with burnout in this firsthand account from an call center industry veteran . . . read more >>

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Amtelco Marketplace
Map Communications
Alliant: Professional Liability Insurance
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TBS: total billing solution; make it rain $
Ron Violante - Answering Service Broker
SingleComm: cloud-native omnichannel TAS solutions
nCall - Dedicated TAS Software, from nSolve

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