November 2022 Issue of Connections Magazine

The November 2022 Issue of Connections Magazine, covering call centers and the teleservice industry

Feature Content:

CM November 2022

Knowledge Management: What You Need to Know, by Donna Fluss
The current generation of KM solutions are excellent and have proven benefits. The next generation of KM solutions will be even better. . . read more >>

From the Publisher: Going Beyond the Call by Peter Lyle DeHaan, PhD
Turn negative interactions into positive outcomes: Three ways your call center can go beyond the call to better serve your callers and customers. . . read more >>

Guest Column: The Power of the Bot, by the SingleComm team
By using AI systems and solutions, you are not taking anything away from your human team members. Instead, you are empowering them. . . read more >>

Using Knowledge Management to Simplify Complex Customer Queries, by Trey Norman
Quick and efficient support is key to retain business and maintain happy customers. With the right tools in place save money and reduce stressful phone calls. . . read more >>

Ten Years Ago: How to Develop a Customer-Focused Culture, by Matt Rocco
Discover tips to form a call center culture that has a customer-first focus. . . read more >>

Twenty Years Ago: Managing A Small Call Center, by Tim Montgomery
Understanding a few key concepts of small call centers can significantly minimize the obstacles by helping you improve operating efficiencies. . . read more >>

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