360’CRM Completes ATA-SRO Audit of Global Callcenter Solutions

360’CRM CFO Dave Sutcliffe announced the successful completion of the American Teleservices Association Self-Regulatory Organization (ATA-SRO) audit and accreditation for Global Callcenter Solutions, Inc. (GCS).  The seal of accreditation awarded to GCS for outbound call activity represents 360’CRM’s fourth successful audit completion in support of an industry-wide initiative.  To date, nine firms have achieved ATA-SRO accreditation.

“We were pleased with the demonstrated rigor of compliance safeguards in place and daily business process steps that Global Callcenter Solutions consistently undertakes to insure adherence to the regulations stipulated at both State and Federal levels,” Mr. Sutcliffe commented.

Kurt Heitmann, President and CEO of Global Callcenter Solutions added, “As we continue to integrate the call center teleservices function with an ever expanding array of communications channels that serve the customer, it was important to us to verify our core competencies as rock-solid.  We are very happy to earn this distinction in the industry for GCS, our clients, and the customers we serve every day on their behalf.  Like our Better Business Bureau ‘A+’ rating, we really wanted to achieve that same distinction through the focused teleservices lens of the ATA-SRO process.”

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