360’CRM Optimizes Vendor Partners for Time Warner Cable

360’CRM, a contact center services and technology solutions provider announced results delivered from strategic initiatives undertaken by Time Warner Cable to optimize the alignment of their outsourced vendor partnerships.  360’CRM performed a similar engagement in 2006 for Comcast.

Time Warner Cable recently completed its engagement with 360’CRM, which included a comprehensive Vendor Partnership RFP process to optimize TWC’s partner relationships, followed by integration with 360’CRM’s InSight performance reporting and management technology solution.

As part of their vendor optimization initiatives, Comcast and Time Warner elected to integrate vendor partner management operations with 360’CRM’s web-based data warehouse and reporting solution, InSight.  InSight is a “call center performance management solution for companies overseeing multiple call center operations, whether in-house or outsourced,” noted Paul J. Santry, CEO of 360’CRM.  “Because data is automatically sourced directly from the switch or dialer, vendor and client human resources time investment to manually compile reports is virtually eliminated.  Metrics and timing standardization via InSight now allows the channel management practitioner the ability to meaningfully view stack-ranked results, quickly see exceptions and drive accountability; with performance metrics visibility down to the agent level.”

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