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Automated Call Scoring, Quality Assurance, Detailed Analytics

The new secure, cloud-based Active Insights platform provides access to call, message, and speech analytics. Call centers can use Active Insights to quickly find detailed information about calls and agent performance, complete with automated call scoring. Active Insights is user-friendly, fast, and easy to deploy, and provides accurate insights about overall call handling.

Automated Call Scoring: Active Insights features customized call-scoring scripts to automatically rate calls, saving hours of valuable time for supervisors and creating impartial scores for agents. Unique scoring scripts can be created for diverse types of calls, such as HVAC, utilities, and building maintenance.

The scripts focus on the crucial details for each type of call, such as requesting a location on service calls. As part of the script, the importance of each item can be indicated by including several points for each item, such as five points for asking for a last name, and ten points for verifying the caller’s phone number. Active Insights displays the scores for each script item, instantly showing how well agents handle calls.

Provide Agent Feedback: Supervisors can use the unbiased feedback from Active Insights to give agents positive feedback in areas where they excel, along with suggestions for improvement. Since the scripts provide details on specific areas, such as whether an agent paged a technician, supervisors can praise agents and suggest strategies for better ways to handle future calls.

Flexible Search Options: With the hundreds to thousands of calls handled each day, finding a specific call could be daunting, but Active Insights makes it easy. A wide range of search criteria helps instantly find a call, even with limited information. Supervisors can search for any calls taken: by a particular agent, on a specified date and time, for an individual client, or that include a specific phrase, such as power outage.

Complete Call Review Capabilities: Supervisors can see and hear exactly what happened on calls with Active Insights. A color-coded waveform graph indicates when the agent was speaking, and when the caller was speaking. Supervisors can view the recording of the agent’s screen as they listen to the call, read the call transcription, and see the individual scores for each item in the script. This helps them confirm that the call quality is up to the expected standards and makes it easy to identify and address any issues.

Conserve Disk Space: Since Active Insights is cloud-based, it doesn’t use on-site server space. Managers can easily track cloud storage utilization and adjust as needed. Managers can also select which clients to provide these services for, making it an easy revenue-generating opportunity.

Active Insights works with the Amtelco Genesis system.

Amtelco was founded in 1976 to provide communication solutions to the answering service and healthcare communications industry and is a leading supplier and trusted name in contact center systems, software applications, and secure texting technologies. Amtelco focuses on innovative contact center solutions that meet or exceed customer expectations, backed by top-notch service and support.

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