Alston Tascom Hits Ten Year Milestone of Providing Hosted Solutions

Alston Tascom, in its thirty-sixth year of serving the industry, has hit another milestone by celebrating ten years of providing hosted systems for the answering service industry. March 22, 2016 marked the tenth anniversary date for the Tascom hosted system.

Alston Tascom’s hosted system companies range in size from one position to over forty. Together they process over 1.7 million calls per month. No company is too large or too small for the Tascom hosted system.

Some of the key features of the Tascom system include:

  • Tascom’s client web interface allows management to offer their clients the ability to pick up their messages through a secure message portal. The selectable options are messages, if-messages, add and edit their locates, add and edit their on-call schedule, and retrieve voicemail messages.
  • Tascom’s ADAM web interface allows management to have quality control by listening to operators during a call, view calls waiting in queue, and logged-on operators.

Learn more about Alston Tascom and the Tascom hosted system at


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