Alston Tascom Announces New SoftSwitch

Alston Tascom announced the newest SoftSwitch. ADAM, the Alston Developed Asterisk Machine, is the brainchild of the Alston Tascom open source team. ADAM will provide call centers with a SoftSwitch and office PBX, and it accommodates TDM, SIP, fax, remote office, remote agents, and any combination of tools for a call center and office. The redundant design of ADAM has the call center in mind, to keep all calls answered all the time.

In other news, Alston Tascom announced the newest member of their team, Julio Roman. He is in the customer service department and is assigned to field installation of Alston Tascom’s Evolution system featuring ADAM.

“I am excited to welcome Julio to the Alston Tascom team,” said Wayne Scaggs, president of Alston Tascom. “And we look forward to the contributions he will make in serving our customers.” Julio is a Marine veteran who was stationed in Romania and is still in the Marine reserves. Julio comes to Alston Tascom with Marine discipline and a wealth of knowledge in networking.

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