Alston Tascom’s ADAM Softswitch with Dynamic Operator

Alston Tascom’s ADAM softswitch and Evolution MS-SQL database will dynamically assign an operator to an available position when they sign in for work. The knowledge is already in the system as to which positions are available, so the system decides which position to assign. This is especially useful for remote operators because it eliminates the need to coordinate which position should be used for login.

In other news, Tascom announced it is enters its thirty-fifth year in serving the telemessaging industry. The first Tascom system was installed in 1980 in Alaska; it was a 32-position system. Tascom was one of three product lines for Conrac Alston, a company noted for building billing systems for large central offices throughout the world. In 1986, Mark IV Industries acquired Conrac Industries and renamed the company to Alston, a Mark IV Company.

In 1994 Wayne Scaggs, employed since 1979, acquired Alston and renamed it to Alston Tascom, Inc. Alston Tascom, Inc. is entering its twentieth year. Mark your calendar for a big celebration in November 2014, and celebrate with them.

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