Alston Tascom’s Universal Communicator FR-500

Alston Tascom will unveil the Tascom FR-500 communicator system at the upcoming ATSI 2010 convention in May.  When triggered, the system will phone a call center’s customer base to inform them of new features, a system upgrade, a progress report on system issues, a change in available services, or any other condition or information.  Customers are notified in a timely, efficient, and cost-effective manner.  This autonomous service works on any call center platform or on stand-alone basis.

The service can also be sold to clients, such as to call people for a local election.  Another application is to facilitate communication with small teams, such as first responders, or multiple teams.  The system uses multiple lines, and once the initial contact persons have been reached in each team, it will move on to call other teams until the response unit is completely manned.  The FR-500 communicates over SIP trunks, PRI, or analog lines; pricing is extremely affordable.

For more information call Alston Tascom 866-282-7266 or email

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