Amtelco and Telescan Announce Merger Agreement

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Two major teleservices vendors, Amtelco and Telescan, today announced a merger agreement. The announcement was made simultaneously by Roger Young, president of Telescan, Tom Curtin, president of Amtelco and Joe Everly, CEO of Amtelco, at Telescan in St. Louis, Missouri.

“The merger of Telescan with Amtelco provides a big boost to both companies and their customers,” said Roger Young. “It gives Telescan and our Spectrum System users access to Amtelco development resources, innovations, and products.”

Tom Curtin said, “Amtelco and Telescan have been innovators for over 35 years. Together, the companies will offer the TAS industry a unique breadth and depth of technology and service to meet their call center business needs. Telescan’s development team and loyal customer base will be a much welcome addition to the Amtelco family.”

Amtelco was founded in 1976 by Bill Curtin and quickly became a trusted name in the Telecommunications industry. Amtelco introduced the first telephone switching system in the marketplace.

Amtelco’s three major divisions, TAS call center, 1Call healthcare, and XDS digital switching, form a winning combination, backed by an esteemed service and support department.

Telescan was founded in 1976 by TAS visionary, George Meyer. Roger Young became president in 2002. Telescan’s TAS operating system, Spectrum, first introduced in 1990, has been a leader in call center innovations, helping business owners reduce operating expenses and increase profits.

The merger will not affect the daily operations of either company. Telescan will become a Division of Amtelco and will continue to operate in St. Louis, and Amtelco will continue to be headquartered in McFarland, WI.

Amtelco looks forward to working with TUNe (Telecommunication Users Network) and NAEO (National Amtelco Equipment Users) to encourage the sharing of ideas, mutual support, and product development.