Intelligent Series Call Log Customizable Agent Assessment

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Amtelco’s Call Log Agent Assessment can be used to assess agents’ productivity to improve their performance, improve customer retention rates, eliminate unproductive processes and systems, and address sources of agent frustration.

Amtelco’s Call Log Agent Assessment is in the call details section of the call log. Supervisors can use the assessment to open a pre-built web script provided by Amtelco to assess an agent based on a series of customizable questions.

The customizable “Done” button can perform any actions available in IS scripting, such as emailing or faxing to a specified destination, once the assessment is complete. The call log agent assessment can be accessed in the soft agent application along with the Intelligent Series supervisor application.

The agent assessment feature includes a script that can be customized with your own agent assessment questions, an administration script, and a Microsoft SQL Server database separate from the IS system database. 

For more information, contact Amtelco at 800-356-9148 or

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